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This Mod adds standalone Damage Modifier to the Vanilla Weapons.
At the Moment for a few Weapons, but i add more soon.

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This Mod adds eight various standalone Damage Modifier to the Weapons. 

1. 0%
2. 50%
3. 75%
4. 100%
5. 150%
6. 200%
7. 300%
8. 3500% For One-Shot Killers :)

This mod does NOT affect enemies' weapons.
The Damage Modifier is absolutely standalone and is set to 0% by default. This mod also works with weapons that you give to your companion.


The mod could possibly be incompatible with CC content for the Weapons. I don't use CC, so I can't guarantee it.
I will not fix bugs that occur with CC Content.

Future Plan:

1. Add Damage Modfier for all Base Game Vanilla Weapons. (as single File)
2. Add Damage Modfier for all Far Habor Vanilla Weapons. (as single File)
3 Add Damage Modfier for all Nuka World Vanilla Weapons. (as single File)
4. Create for all 3 Editions a Merge File.


1.0       Intial Release for Hunting Rifle
1.0.1    From the next file onwards, the format is "ESL Flagged .esp"
1.1.0    Assault Rifle added
1.1.1    .44 Revolver added
1.1.2    Deliverer added
1.1.3    10mm Pistol added
1.1.4    Combat Rifle added
1.1.5    Gauss Rifle Added
1.1.6    Railway Rifle added
1.1.7    Submachine Gun added

I can also make a damage modifier for mod weapons with the consent of the author.
Send me a PM and I build it. :)

Have Fun :)