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Open worldspace! Loaded with chaos, collectibles and exploration! Destroy the Gorelords and take on countless raiders! Now featuring NEW (standalone) collectables: Power Skulls, Golden Bobbleheads, Tarot Perk Cards, a new Beer and Chems!

Permissions and credits



REQUIRES: Mutilated Dead Bodies by. gumgum339339 (Thanks to gumgum's permission!)
- With much thanks to gumgum339339 this update wouldn't have been possible.

REQUIRES: The Gorelords Of Goretown Dead Bodies Expansion

REQUIRES: ALL Fallout 4 DLC. No creation club content is required.


valdacil's - "Armor And Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)"
(to make sure unique weapons don't crash your game)

IF USING VR: might require!!
Maduin81's - "DLCVR - Fallout 4 VR and DLC standalone bug fixes"


DeathclawAlpha's - "LIVE DISMEMBERMENT" 
(recommended - either Brutal or Insane-O)

DJD2010 - HUD76 - Fallout 76 inspired HUD replacer
(If you like the Fallout 76 style HUD)



For those Downloading Update 2.2!
NOTE: Download Update 2.2. No previous versions required. Drag the contents into your Data folder.

The ESP file is included in this link below!
The Gorelords Of Goretown Dead Bodies Expansion

REQUIRES ALL DLC, Mutilated Dead Bodies, and The Gorelords Of Goretown Dead Bodies Expansion.

TO BEGIN: find the VERTIBIRD right of sanctuary bridge. Its close to the Concord water tower. Grab key on explosives crate near the vertibird and head to Goretown. 

WORKS FOR Standard PC and VR!!!

I want to thank all of you who play my mod! It's come a long way in the past few years and any sign of support from comments, thumbs up, and constructiveness has been greatly motivating and appreciated. Feel free to post videos on YouTube or other social media! I love watching others play it!

Thank you so much for any supporting me in any way. I don't have any expectations for tips but want to thank any of you that feel obligated to show any financial support, even if it can get me a cup of coffee lol. Any generous donations are highly appreciated
during these difficult times.


[email protected]

- To finish the mod, first find Ms. Massacre within the trenches. She can be located on the elevated highway with the wooden shacks. Ms.
Massacre has the key to "Skytower."

- In Skytower, defeat Ms. Daisydoo, who has the elevator key. The elevator works from the 3rd
floor, not the second! That was intentional.

- Find and defeat The Raider Queen near the top of Skytower. The Raider Queen has the key to MEGA FUSION. 

- When entering Mega Fusion, find the key to the elevator at the lobby.
*Spoiler key location - When entering, there is a key on the second
floor to the left, in a small room. The key is found in the middle of
the shelf. 

- Take the elevator from the lobby to the top of Mega Fusion and defeat the Raider King. Once you've defeated the Raider
King, take the key to the vertibird that is located north of the
trenches - near the red houses/massive Deathclaw. 

- You will be taken near the exit of Vault 111. Return to the original vertibird location to claim your rewards!!!