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Allows terminals to use color while your Pip-boy doesn't, or separate the colors completely.

I often play with the ini setting "bPipboyDisableFX" turned on so that color world maps will work (among other stuff that requires it).
Unfortunately, that also affects terminals and I didn't like that. So I made this.

Permissions and credits
Lite Version
  1. Turns on "bPipboyDisableFX" when you open your Pip-boy.
  2. Turns off "bPipboyDisableFX" when you open a terminal - terminals will then use whatever Pip-boy color you have chosen via Pip-boy RGB sliders/ini.

The Lite Version is meant for people who always want "bPipboyDisableFX" on, and want all terminals to use the same color.

Full Version:
  1. Everything the Lite version does.
  2. Assigns all base terminal objects a random color.  That means all terminals that share that object will share that color.
  3. If you don't like the color a terminal type was given, you can change the color of that terminal in a holotape to a new randomized color, or one of a few preset colors.  The holotape must be used in that terminal type, and it is given to you upon opening any terminal.
  4. If you don't want to use "bPipboyDisableFX", turn it off in holotape.  The holotape with this option is given to you whenever Pip-boy is opened.
  5. If "bPipboyDisableFX" is off, you can change the Pip-boy color in holotape and it will be separate from terminal colors.

This does not actually change your .ini files, or write any values to them.

With the Full Version, "bPipboyDisableFX" is automatically turned on the first time you install the mod, so just turn it off if you don't need or want it on.

The plugin is ESL flagged.

This mod is not possible on XBox because it uses papyrus functions not available to XBox.

Since this mod uses scripts, I don't advise uninstalling without having a save to fall back on from before it was installed.

: Unless a mod changes the same settings through script, this should be compatible.  I'm unaware of any that do, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Known issues: Full Version - If you play with "bPipboyEffectColorjavascript-event-stripped1" in your ini, the flashlight color will be changed to whatever the last terminal/Pip-boy color was.  I may just include a option to always set to white outside of terminals/pipboy, but that won't always work.  So, in my opinion it's best to turn off "bPipboyEffectColorOnLight" in your .ini.

I tried to find if there was a mod that already did this but couldn't find one, but maybe it already has been done and I missed it.  I dunno.