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v2.0 has its own category "Dirty Water" instead of "Beverage" as requested by FatsackTony1
Only choose one version.

It boggles my mind how a dirty water recipe isn't in the game or mod for that matter.  I mean all of the settlements are near a water source you telling me they can't go scoop water lol?

Simple cooking recipes for dirty water, with the idea that you take the container, and fill it with dirty water...Rocket surgery I know.  
I would've made it a bucket or something and I have no choice but to use a crafting station so for simplicity I kept it to bottles or cans but didn't want to do them all or you'd have nothing but dirty water recipes.  It also keeps it proportional.  There's no way to give the container back so the below are the best options I think.

Uses 1 of the following containers at a cooking station under beverage:

Beer Bottle
Vodka Bottle
Whiskey Bottle

1 of the above = 1 Dirty Water

Made them their own recipe, doesn't override anything and for compatibility I made the EditorID's co_food_DirtyRadWater 1-4 just to have piece of mind for compatibility.

If you like it hit that Endorse button, if you have suggestions let me know.  Enjoy.

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