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Fallout: Brotherhood is an interactive movie starring Mass Effect's Mark Meer as Roger Maxson - the founder of the Brotherhood of Steel. The Storyteller recruits the Sole Survivor to go into Roger Maxson's memories to find out what exactly happened at the infamous Mariposa Military Base and the founding of the Brotherhood of Steel.

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Fallout: Brotherhood is an interactive movie starring Mass Effect's Mark Meer as Roger Maxson, a captain who discovers a conspiracy at the Mariposa Military Base during the Great War. Unfortunately, knowledge is thin about what and how exactly what happened once he discovered the conspiracy - even 200 years later - so the ShoddyCast's Storyteller has enlisted the help of the Sole Survivor to delve deep into a simulation to uncover just what went on at the infamous military base.

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- An hour-long prequel to the Fallout series.
- 300 professionally voice acted lines by a cast led by Mass Effect's Mark Meer.
- Once completed, players gain access to a suit of special T-49 Power Armor.
- Compatible with the T-49 Power Armor mod by Road To Liberty.

How To Start
Upon loading your save game, the quest will start and the Storyteller's radio signal will appear on your Pip-Boy.

Place the plug-in and accompanying ba2 files in your Fallout 4 data folder.

Directors - Kyle & Josh (ShoddyCast)
Writing - Charles Battersby & Tagaziel
World design - SikSikSikki
T-49 Texture and Model – DogtoothCG
Implementation - Unoctium
Voice actors – Mark Meer, Josh Bull, Marielena Alcaraz, Elle Boone, Artie Widgery, David Washington, Maya Tuttle, Jason Damron