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Settlement Pack 6 (Waifs n’ Strays) - five in one pack
A while back I was asked if I had bundled some of my settlement blueprints. I hadn’t at the time and have not played Fallout 4 for a while.
Then I received notification that CASS had been updated again. I decided that this time I would start a new game and adjust the settlements as I came across them. I’ll release these in small packs before drawing a line under this game and moving on.
This is the sixth pack and my journey began at Hangman’s Alley.
Travelling South brought me to Egret Tours Marina, where I placed the first settlement.
Moving SSW from Egret got me to Somerville Place, placing my second settlement after a brief M.M. quest.
Heading East, I arrived at Murkwater Construction Site, placing my third settlement after enjoying a seafood platter.
Traveling NNE had me at Jamaica Plain where the locals greeted me with enthusiasm. After which, I placed settlement number 4.
Finally, I arrived at Boston International Airport and placed my fifth settlement.
1. Egret Tours Marina; Should load into slot 33
2. Somerville Place; Should load into slot 28
3. Murkwater Construction Site; Should load into slot 22
4. Jamaica Plain; Should load into slot 37
5. Boston International Airport; Should load into slot 30
1. Egret Tours Marina; I recommend removing the small boat shed and the boat. Everything else can be removed after placement. Removal of the rocks near the reactor will reveal more farm space.
2. Somerville Place; Should be ok to remove any intersecting objects after placement. There is a tree or two just outside the boundary that intersects the new building. “disable” and “markfordelete” solves this issue.
3. Murkwater Construction Site; There will be a few trees and shrubs to clear after placement.
4. Jamaica Plain; to save headaches later I recommend the following method;
Town Hall; I deleted everything except the foundations, roof vents, chimneys, the computer and wall safe in the mayor’s office. I kept the stairs and door to the basement but deleted all floors and puddles on the ground floor.
Building with the 2 protectrons; I kept the robots, robot pods and all posters, paintings, computers etc. I deleted all walls and floor fragments but kept the foundations and ground floor.
Other; The kitchen items were added in an update to CAS. My design had already been placed when this update occurred. If you wish to remove these items, you will need to “disable” and “markfordelete” them to remove them.
Remove my additions after placing the settlement and decorate these areas to taste.
In the existing buildings, I removed a few panels to allow passage into the new sections. (If in doubt; save before deleting wall or section.)
If there are steps going into a blank wall, there is probably a passage to the next building.
Check the following screenshots for reference; 24, 25, 26, 29,
5. Boston International Airport; Everything that blocks your path can be removed fairly easily after placement.
N.b; If you want access to any of these settlements and don’t want to bother, or wait until the relevant quest requirements are met;
Open the console by hitting “~”.
Click on workshop to select it.
“setpv OwnedByPlayer True”
Hit enter, close the console.
Leave the settlement cell and if entered correctly, the settlement will be allied to you on return.
Other ; "Disable" and "Markfordelete" anything that won't scrap using scrap everything.
The individual settlement pages have more screenshots, if you need a better idea of the layout.

I build these settlements for my own amusement. I'm not big on clutter, I just want to get my settlement as full as possible and make sure there are enough amenities.....If I have to go and help the settlement fend off the three raiders that they can't deal with, the defences pretty much ensure they are shredded by the time I get there. There is plenty of space to personalise the settlement to one's own taste.

I don't and won't do requests...I have placed these files here for anyone who might deem them useful.

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