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Renames, restricts, and rebalances the LString mod for a better sense of immersion and gameplay.

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I really love the LString Bow mod, but I find that the naming convention, free RR wooden bow and arrows, and unimmersive (IMO) arrow types don't sit quite right with me and my load order. This version is based off the Oct 11 reduced damage 1.3.2 version of LString

Current Changes:
  • Removed all the references to the Rain, Tracking, Storm, and Nuclear arrow types
  • Bows and arrows added to vendor leveled list via quest
  • Removed the Red Rocket free arrows and wooden bow
  • Reduced free arrows at Abernathy+Cambridge+Kellogg's place
  • Renamed all 3 bows to proper names: Hunting Bow, Recurve Bow, and Compound Bow.
  • Reduced broadhead arrow damage mult from 3x to 1.75x
  • Slightly increased bow crafting reqs.
  • Slightly increased variety and count of arrow crafting component reqs.
  • Increased perk and component requirements for explosive arrows
  • Restricted Compound Bow from using wooden arrows
  • Restricted Wooden Bow to exclusively wooden arrows
  • Removed loading screen statics and texts
  • Draw strength mods improved to affect weapon speed/handling, restricted by STR requirements
  • Reduced bow value
  • Arrows now specify their AP/bleed attributes
  • Removed Ammo prefix from arrow selection menu
  • Num sight renamed to None
  • Highly increased range values for VATS functionality
  • Better names for crafting categories
  • Slightly reduced Hunting and Recurve bows' out of range damage multipliers
  • Fixed a minor typo on ammo "tpye"

  • There is an optional esp marked as esl that renames the Hunting Bow to Traditional Bow and lifts it's arrow restrictions. Still requires main file 

I'm interested to hear feedback about the new ammo crafting requirements, general damage balancing, and VATS range+functionality. Barring any fantastic ideas in the posts, I feel like this is pretty currently near feature complete, so we're in the balancing and bugfixing stage until LString gets updated again.

Modification permissions on the original were open, so here we are. All thanks to LString - John Lai for the fantastic mod. Still requires the original mod, this is just a replacement esp and script.
Anyone who wants to make a variant based on mine, go right ahead.

Huge thanks to contributor davethepak for:
  • Functional draw strength speed+range+damage+handling changes and draw strength normalization
  • Classic style "Hunting Bow" rename
  • Arrow and bow cap value reductions
  • Inspiration for better arrow crafting component counts
  • Better crafting recipe category names
  • Ammo name improvements
  • Bow accuracy increases
  • Addition of HasSilencer tag on bows
  • Best of all, a conflict free quest script leveled list integration!
Dave provided me with his custom esp containing most of the listed improvements, which honestly covered just about everything I had a dream of accomplishing with this mod that I hadn't already. I was finding no success adjusting draw strength mods to change handling, and his changes were already well considered and implemented.

Feedback credits:
Thanks to Osmanovic10 for mentioning Vats Range fix
Thanks to Zoneofdarkness for pointing out my longbow naming error
Thanks to DanielUchiha115 and davethepak for reminding me to forward the "vanilla damage" values from the original mod
Thanks to JohnRandomly for recommending the arrow type restriction and the changes to arrow craft reqs.
Traditional bow version requested by Digger065.