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This mod makes raiders radius aggressive. Raiders will no longer be instantly hostile and will warn the player if they get to close.

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Are you really the "Good Guy"? 

This mod adds even more moral ambiguity into the Fo4 world. 

Raiders are now name "Wastelander" and they are no longer immediately hostile. Get to close, crack a round off in their direction and find out son. 

Wastelanders are trying to survive, just like everyone else. Does the player really need to clear out that encampment? Are they really hostile, or does the player just want their stuff, xp and caps. Sidequests to go clear out areas for unknown employers now become more ambiguous.    

The way it this works is if the player gets to close the Wastlander will warn the player, if they continue to get close the Wastelander will draw a weapon, if they continue to move forward from there they will then attack the player (this goes for companions too). If the player out right shoots at the Wastelander, destroys a turret at their camp, or kills a Wastelander in eye sight/in the same cell all Wastelanders will go hostile.  

Partially compatible with Raider overhaul, and by that I mean if the new raider they add uses the base template for AI they will function the same, if they created their own, AI they will remain hostile (dreadnoughts for example are still instantly hostile). Load my mod after Raider Overhaul.  

This currently only effects raiders I plan to do the same for gunners.