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Fix Bayonets! Chaaaaaaarge!

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Were you immensely disappointed when you couldn't grab your trusty laser musket and enact a heroic bayonet charge on super mutants? Me too!

Now your problems are solved FOREVER!*
*Nothing was solved. Why the hell are you charging mutants with a bayonet?!

This mod simply enables copies of the pipe weapon bayonets for the bracketed laser musket barrels. It uses the same recipe as the pipe guns. There is a little bit of clipping, but it's not too severe. I'm not sure if there is a way to fix this currently. 

This is my first mod, and was made using FO4Edit. Use at your own risk.

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V1.1 Swapped out the Large Bayonet for the Hunting Rifle Bayonet to reduce clipping.

I've added stand-alone files for the Double-Barrel Shotgun and Laser Rifle, as requested. It doesn't seem to be possible to add bayonets to any weapon that lacks a 'Muzzle' slot, such as the plasma gun. The laser rifle looks fine with the bayonet. The shotgun suffers from some noticeable clipping in the barrels when viewed from the front, though that is in part due to my choice of model. I'm not a fan of the hunting rifle bayonet when it appears "unsupported."

This is likely the last update this will see unless I get some free time to play with the models. Anyone who cares to can take what I've done and improve upon it.