Fallout 4
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Makes Nuka promotional Bobbleheads placeable on stands.

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This makes the Nuka CC bobbleheads work with the stock bobblehead stand, including the ability to interact and pick up. No more buggy bobbles.
Other bobblehead stands will accept them with this mod, but no messages, they'll disappear visually, but be in the container still.

That's about it.

I planned to make them interactive also, but can't get aliases to work properly, so that's out until someone helps me with it.
99.9% done... wrote messages, aliases, updated script...  just stuck on that point.

So here's the dirty hack. Keyword added, they do show up in the stand. Just no "E) Take" for you. Only disappear.

Don't worry, it's still in the container.

This should work with pretty much anything, it just adds the keyword to the bobbles and adds them to the unique item list.