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this mod exists to solve nasty nvida nvflex related ctd problem if your setting "weapon debris" is activated in the fo4 launcher or nvflex is set to on in your ini file. reason is nvflex is not supported for newer nvidia cards due to buggy implementation in fo4 and may raise problems, errors or ctd.

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+++ please refer to my user profile about me page and follow my recommendations how to use my mods as an addition to nexusmods terms +++

no, you are not alone with this ctd problem... ;)
it is most obvious after a new game run. even if you are fully on vanilla settings your game will ctd running to pre war vault 111. but these ctd are not limited to this scenario because they are raised by incompatible functions and erratic nvflex implementation in fo4 game code. you can turn it on in game launcher even if you own an incompatible nvidia card and will end up with ctd or other anomalies.
instead of correcting the game code the fo4 nvflex implementation is simply not officially supported anymore by newer nvidia graphics card. if you use it you do it at your own risk. the known secure solution is to "switch off" fo4 nvflex.

this mod helps you to be aware of this issue and how do switch off nvflex. if your setting "weapon debris " in the fo4 launcher is not set to "off" or unintentionally activated after a reinstallation of the game as in my case it is time to do so with any newer nvidia card.
be aware: there is no warning in the launcher if you enable this feature with incompatible hardware (at least turing cards and newer) resulting in ctd, performace loss or instabilities and even the card is compatible it may introduce some instabilities. nvidia simply do not support fo4 nvflex with their newer 20x0 rtx cards.

if you encounter ctd for no reason trying to enter the vault or after reinstallation of the game using or upgrading to a nvidia turing graphics card just open your game launcher again and deactivate "weapon debris" effect option in advanced settings tab.
watch the sticky post in my mod thread for direct access to the nvflex ini setting. you may encounter this problem also while using your weapon and fps slows down followed by ctd or freeze.

as far as i could test it seems that most or even all nvidia rtx graphic cards and newer are involved. i was affected while upgrading my pc with a rtx 2080ti and encoutered fallout 4 at vault 111 ctd even after a fresh install. i encountered the ctd always while trying to reach the pre war vault 111 even with vanilla settings.

this chosen "nvflex switch off" method may solve even some more strange ctd during gampeplay introduced by fps sudden slow downs. since these experiences i do not use nvidia debris feature anymore including any workarounds. the visual gain for turing is subtle and the risk of instabilities and side effects due to buggy implemented nvflex is not worth to take the risk. i solved additionally the draw call problem raised by some workarounds and since then i do not experience any ctd or strange slowdowns.feel free to add helpful information or additional hardware affected or if you know anything about an official bug fix.
I do not recommend any workaround, just deactivate weapon debris option to be sure and to exclude any risk and performance loss as a result.

i found many internet thread describing the problem without the correct solution. this mod covers this bug. if your ctd still remains after applying the fix it is obviously not (only) related to this bug. in this case as a next step you may check for a high draw call problem due to scrap mods or other mods destroying (unintentionally ) the f04 draw call optimization which leads to stutter or in worst case also to ctd.

if you like to support this info just download the small textfile including this description and share you're experience with others in the mod thread. 
if the description solved your problem or helped you to prevent you from wasting time with other solutions feel free to endorse after waiting 15 minutes :)