Curie's Molerat Disease Cure by Rastem88
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November 20, 2016
I have been asked a few times about converting this to consoles. As much as I would like to bring this to consoles, I do not have a PS4 or XBox, so I would not be able to bug test anything. I am very sorry about this, but I do not want my work uploaded onto a system that I am unable to test the mod on.

If you are looking for a mod to add a cure there are quite a few for Xbox and PS4 as of today. Search for "cure" or "mole" on bethesda.Net and you should find plenty.

August 30, 2016
I can confirm that the Unofficial fallout 4 Patch has corrected the Molerat disease bug. If you have that then you should not need Wenderer's fix.

May 11, 2016
I have mostly stopped playing Fallout 4. I may come back later. If there is a bug with a new Bethesda patch, please post in the thread. If I do not respond, please PM me since I still check out the Nexus daily.

I would like to bring attention to Mole Rat Disease Fix by Wenderer. I have not tested it, but if his fix corrects the issue that inspired this mod, I'm all for it.

This mod allows the player to craft a cure for the molerat disease. Curie stated that the only reason one dose of the cure existed due to lack of materials. I am adding this under the assumption that she would aid in synthesizing a second dose after she trusts the player. I am also assuming that without Curie, there would be few people in the wasteland who would have any clue how to make a cure(possibly someone in the Institute).

The player needs to have 2 ranks of the chemist perk and must have befriended Curie to get her perk. The player also must have completed the quest "Hole in the Wall" to have access to the recipe. There is an optional file that does not require the two ranks in Chemist.

20  stimpacks
20 buffout
20 molerat meat
5 antiseptic
5 nuclear material

Stimpacks and antiseptic seemed reasonable for any medical development. The buffout was included as a steroid to aid developing said cure. The nuclear material was added because I assume that the cure would need some energy source/possible mutagenic material to synthesize. The molerat meat is the substrate the cure is to be developed in.

I understand the cost is steep for the removal of a -10hp debuff. If you want a cheaper version I would recommend Craftable Vault 81 Cure by Zlashdrive. If you want a stronger debuff for the molerate disease, I highly recommend More Dangerous Vault 81 Disease by TheRathalos.

This was made 100% with FO4Edit.
I looked at Craftable Vault 81 Cure by Zlashdrive to figure out how to add the requirement to finish the molerat disease quest for the recipe.