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Gives Danse the dog he was always supposed to have. In his Prydwen quarters, Danse has a full dog bowl, as well as several cans of dog food on hand, but Todd was afraid Danse would drop too many panties having a dog in-game. This mod fixes that. Following his... parting with the Brotherhood, Danse will bring his dog Krieg to Listening Post Bravo.

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Todd was too much of a pussy to give us what we deserve. Giving a quick look at Danse's quarters, given to the sole survivor after the Paladin's "parting" with the Brotherhood, a dog bowl full of bloatfly meat and several cans of dog food will catch your eye. Danse was clearly supposed to have a dog, but apparently that would have made him way too sexy. Let's be real, nobody has ever actually executed Danse during Blind Betrayal, so this mod is a must. Listening Post Bravo will be refurbished after this quest by the ex-paladin, now including the construction of a doghouse along with the cooking pot and power armor station.
Danse's pup is named Krieg, after his once commanding officer and fallen friend, and will spend the rest of your playthrough in Listening Post Bravo, slaying more bitches than even Hancock and living life to the fullest.