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Ever wanted to shank a mole rat in the heat of combat, but you couldn't take out your machete fast enough? This mod is for you. Select your desired melee weapon, and every time you press the button you use that weapon to quickly melee. Simple as that.

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 What is Melee Override? 

It's quite simple. Choose your preferred melee weapon, make sure you have it in your inventory, and whenever you press the magic button, you automatically equip that melee weapon, melee with it, and switch back to your originally equipped weapon. ALL WITH ONE KEY PRESS! Confused? That's okay, I like GIF's too.

 Compatible melee weapons: 

  1. Baseball bat
  2. Baton
  3. Board
  4. Boxing glove
  5. Chinese officer sword
  6. Combat knife
  7. Deathclaw gauntlet
  8. Fists (for now you must add this weapon via console: "player.additem 000001f4" without quotations)
  9. Grognak's axe
  10. Knuckles
  11. Lead pipe
  12. Machete
  13. Pipe wrench
  14. Pool cue
  15. Power fist
  16. Revolutionary sword
  17. Ripper
  18. Rolling pin
  19. Shishkebab
  20. Sledgehammer
  21. Super sledge
  22. Switchblade
  23. Tire iron
  24. Walking cane
  25. Assaultron blade (Automatron DLC)
  26. Mr. Handy buzz blade (Automatron DLC)
  27. Meat hook (Far Harbor DLC)
  28. Pole hook (Far Harbor DLC)
  29. Commie Whacker (Nuka World DLC)
  30. Disciples blade (Nuka World DLC)
  31. Alien shock baton (Zetan Arsenal Creation Club mod)
  32. Pint-Sized Slasher knife (Pint-Sized Slasher Creation Club mod)
  33. Steel sword (Fantasy Hero Set Creation Club mod)

More will be made available as often as I am able. If you would like to see a specific Nexusmods melee weapon mod made compatible with Melee Override, suggest it in the "Articles" tab and vote for it on the Doodle poll!

 Adjusting settings: 

1. Main Settings:

  • Melee weapon - Choose the melee weapon that you want to use when overriding your current weapon's melee attack. You must have this weapon in your inventory in order for the Melee Override to succeed.

  • Attack instead of melee - Switch on/off using the attack animation instead of the melee animation for your Melee Override weapon. There are some benefits and drawbacks to this. The attack animation is sometimes faster but does not always make sense in the context of quickly pulling out your weapon to slash it at something. Also, melee weapon attacks do not use Action Points by default but I implemented an Action Point drain function. In the future, I'd like to allow multiple strikes if the Melee Override key is pressed in succession, and this will likely be done only with attack animations. We shall see.

  • Melee Override key - Choose the key you want to press to initiate a Melee Override attempt. If you set this to the same key as the normal melee/throw key in the base game key bindings, then a Melee Override will be initiated instead of normal meleeing, which may be desirable but it will also render you unable to throw objects with that key. My suggestion is to bind your preferred melee key to Melee Override and your preferred normal melee/throw key to a different key so you can have the best of both worlds. I highly recommend separating your regular melee and throw keys with Fallout 4 Hotkeys.

2. Time Settings:

  • Melee weapon equip time - Adjust the interval of time between unequipping your current weapon and initiating the melee action. In most cases this time interval is irrelevant due to the way the action call is implemented. However, if your system is under-powered and the Melee Override is failing, try increasing this value.

  • Melee time - Adjust the interval of time between Melee Override initialization and forcibly re-equipping the weapon you originally had equipped. For fast-meleeing weapons, decrease this value. For slow-meleeing weapons, increase this value. For reference, my starting points for weapons categorized as fast, medium, and slow according to the Fallout 4 Wiki are 1.25, 2.00, and 2.25, respectively. You will need to tweak this yourself given your tastes.

  • Weapon equip time - Adjust the interval of time between forcibly re-equipping the weapon you originally had equipped and permitting another Melee Override initialization.If you want to be able to spam the Melee Override repeatedly without waiting for the weapon you originally had equipped to come into view, decrease this value to taste. If you want to wait until the weapon you originally had equipped completes its equip animation before allowing another Melee Override, which is how many games handle this kind of operation, increase this value to taste.

  • Weapon regular melee time - Adjust the interval of time between initializing a regular melee on the originally equipped weapon and permitting another Melee Override attempt. If you want to be able to spam Melee Override attempts repeatedly without waiting for the weapon to complete its melee animation, decrease this value to taste. If you want to wait until the weapon completes its melee animation before allowing another Melee Override attempt, which is how many games handle this kind of operation, increase this value to taste.

3. Advanced Settings:

  • Reset all settings - Reset ALL settings on ALL pages concerned with Melee Override. Did I mention ALL?

  • Update melee weapon array - Update the melee weapon array (the script's list of all compatible melee weapons in your game), which will automatically add melee weapons in the correct order to this array based on the compatible plugins you have running, such as DLC's, Creation Club mods, and eventually also Nexusmods.

  • Melee weapon array update time - Adjust the amount of time each compatible plugin has to add its melee weapons to the  melee weapons array. If your system is under-powered, your selected melee weapon is not the melee weapon being used during Melee Override, and/or no melee weapon is equipped after unequipping your originally equipped weapon, try increasing this value and pressing the update again.

  • Alternate start fix - If you use an alternate start mod, AFTER YOU ARE ABLE TO EQUIP AND USE WEAPONS press this button.

  • Debug messages - Enable or disable debug messaging.


1. If you favorite your weapons of choice, be sure that all of them have a different Form ID (different base weapon). Otherwise, the weapon you have currently equipped will come back to that favorite slot, but you will have to re-favorite all of the others that have the same Form ID (same base weapon). Unfortunately, due to the way Bethesda implemented container objects, this cannot be changed unless you attach a script to every weapon in the game which is B I G B A D. I am currently still looking into this, but for right now this cannot be fixed.

 Known bugs: 

1. After exiting the cryopod in the beginning of the game and equipping your bare fists, the player is scripted to lose the ability to equip just their bare fists. Considering this, if you obtain a compatible melee weapon via console or script and try to use them with Melee Override while your main weapon is still your bare fists, you will not equip your bare fists again after the Melee Override sequence ends. I am currently looking through vanilla scripts to find the culprit.

UPDATE: I merged the "I don't have bare hands anymore" fix with the main file. Enjoy using the hands you never had previously! ;)

2. If you are using an alternate start mod, Melee Override will not work for you, currently. This is due to the script procedure's way of detecting whether the player has control after exiting the cryopod in the vanilla game. I have a few ideas on how to fix this universally; stay tuned!

UPDATE: Fixed! See the new "Alternate start fix button"!

 Bug reporting procedure: 

1. Turn on debugging in the "Advanced Settings" tab of the MCM Menu
2. Make note of all the debug message boxes (the ones that require you to select "OK") while attempting to use Melee Override
3. Try starting a new game and reproducing the issue, using the above steps
3. Post the following in the bug report:
a. What stage of the game you were at/had completed when you installed Melee Override
b. What stage of the game you were at/had completed when you first experienced the issue
c. The list, in order, of the debug messages you get while attempting to use Melee Override
d. Any other pertinent information such as mod list/load order, any patterns, etc.


Question 1. Are Fallout 4 Script Extender and Mod Configuration Menu actually necessary to use Melee Override?

Answer 1. F4SE is absolutely, 420.69% required for Melee Override to work at all. MCM is required if you'd like to change any setting from default (Combat knife, "T" key, timing settings specifically for the combat knife, no DLC or CC weapons supported, no debugging messages, etc.) and I highly recommend it.

Question 2. Why is <insert melee weapon name here> not on the list of compatible <insert vanilla FO4, DLC, etc.> weapons?

Answer 2. Many weapons in the game are unique references with the same Form ID. See the "Limitations" section to see why weapons of the same Form ID cannot be differentiated. Therefore, choosing a unique melee weapon for Melee Override and having a generic melee weapon of the same base in your inventory will create a situation where one of the two will be used since the script sees them as the same weapon. If you need more explanation, shoot me a message.

Question 3. Why aren't any Nexusmods melee weapons supported?

Answer 3. I am currently taking suggestions as to which melee weapon mods I should make compatible first. It's easy to do, I just don't know which mods will satisfy the most people.

Question 4. Why is this necessary? This is Fallout 4, not Call of Duty!

Answer 4. This actually started out as a fix for me personally, because I love a specific weapon here on the Nexus but the melee animation is bugged. After I found out that a console batch file could not do this, I finally took the time to learn Papyrus. Once I became comfortable with it, I made the decision to make this work for everyone else too, for any of your favorite weapons to shoot, for any of your favorite melee weapons, and fully customizable. Melee Override is the brainchild of an eyesore bug, my want to learn Papyrus and finally make a novel mod, and my own stubbornness. Take it or leave it!