Fallout 4
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Ultra simple ReShade preset that fixes blurry vanilla graphics, enhances contrast and adds a slight color vibrance.

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Version 1.1 (Brighter):
• Added Tonemap exposure to bump up highlights
• Increased Vibrance
• Reduced Lumasharpen a little
• Sorted shaders properly this time

For those who believe that most ENB/SweetFX/ReShade pesets are over the top.

Essential ReShade uses 3 shaders: Tonemap, Vibrance and Lumasharpen. This improves your in-game vision quality, makes shadows deeper and brings back color variation.

Honestly, I am still surprised by how washed out Fallout 4 looks like out-of-the-box. All the rich detail and unique art style of this game is lost in a watered down, blurry image.

Fun trick: Play with this preset for an hour, then toggle it off for a moment — you'll feel the urge to rub your eyes!

1) Download ReShade installer and run it -- https://reshade.me/
2) Browse to find your Fallout4.exe and open
3) Select Direct3D 10/11/12
4) Uncheck All > OK
5) Again, Uncheck All > OK
6) Close. Now unpack my archive into the game directory and 'Replace all' (only ReShade.ini gets replaced).
7) Run the game.

[Home] activates ReShade window at any time.
[Ctrl] + [Home]
toggles all effects.

There's a tiny FPS meter in the upper right corner. I generally keep it on, but you can turn it off in ReShade settings tab if you wanna.


PS: Green grass on the screenshots is TrueGrass. I recommend this mod, because the original dead yellow grass just doesn't cut it.