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Configure several hotkeys via MCM that allow you to create standard saves, use items, wait anywhere, execute console commands or custom functions.

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Configure several hotkeys via MCM that allow you to create standard saves (including Survival mode), use items, execute console commands or custom functions. Refer to the images above to see the available options.

Beyond the God Mode hotkey, I won't implement any additional cheat functions. Hotkeys for other mods are ruled out as well. Feel free to suggest any other hotkey you'd like to see included via the posts section.

Important: Don't bind hotkeys to keys you'd normally use while typing (e.g. letters and numbers). Either use key combinations (like CTRL+X) or others to prevent those functions from getting executed while you try to rename an item or use another mod with a user dialogue form.

Batch File Execution Hotkeys

In order to utilise the batch file hotkeys either install the empty templates from the FOMOD installer or create those files in your Fallout 4 folder (FO4 Root or \Data\). If you go for the latter then create new TXT files and name them HotkeyBatchHotkeyBatch2, HotkeyBatch3, HotkeyBatch4 and HotkeyBatch5 - for batch hotkeys 1-5 respectively. Then open them with a text editor and add any command you want to get executed with the corresponding hotkey. An extensive list of commands can be found here: Fallout 4 console commands. Make sure to separate each command by a line break. Something like this:
player.additem 00000000 10

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