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Replaces the main menu video with an edited version of either the live action trailer, or the cinematic intro video.

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Live Action

Replaces the main menu with a restyled edit to provide a more dramatic introduction. Pretty simple.

- Please select only one option, as only one can be installed at any given time.
- Create a backup of the original file MainMenuLoop.bk2, located in Data/Video/ (optional, but probably a good idea in case you want to revert to the
   original without having to verify the game integrity)
- Copy the "Video" folder to your Fallout 4 "Data" folder, located in your Fallout 4 directory (Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/Data/).
- Overwrite if prompted.

The embedded videos demonstrate how they look in game, although the music is not included for copyright reasons. As a result, it will still play the original menu music, and will not sync with these replacements. However, it is pretty simple to create your own.

The run times for the replacement videos are as follows:
- I'm a Wanderer Man (1:18)
- War Pigs Never Change (2:47)

Using an audio editing tool, such as Audacity, an audio file would need to be cut to match the run time of the selected video in order to loop properly. It can then be converted to .xwm format using another tool such as the Skyrim Audio Converter, available on the Nexus. The resulting file then needs to be renamed to MUS_MainTheme.xwm and moved to the following location:


If this location does not exist, it can be created.

I apologise for the DIY aspect.

The following videos demonstrate how the replacers look in my own game, according to my original vision:

I'm a Wanderer Man

War Pigs Never Change

For some unknown reason, the original music may sometimes play instead of custom music, despite it being overwritten by a loose file. I have found this to happen more often if .ini edits have been made to skip the various intros, and is probably something to do with pre-loading.

Obviously, this is not compatible with any mods that replace the same file (Data/Video/MainMenuLoop.bk2).