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Changes the various dog armors, collars and helmets to provide varying levels of DR and ER. Doubler and "Uber" variants are included in the installer as well as versions that render the body armor invisible only on Dogmeat, and helmets invisible on all dogs.

Permissions and credits
  • German
Real Armor for Dogmeat!
This mod gives dog armor, collars and helmets real armor values based off of the values on Combat Armor Chest pieces.
It comes in 3 armor value versions as well as versions that render the armor invisible only on Dogmeat.
Note that the armor values apply to any dog equipped with armor, not just Dogmeat!

  • Fixed a bug in the Uber version that allowed armor stacking and could cause normal and heavy armor to turn invisible
  • Added the Invisible Helmet versions to the scripted installer
  • Light Dog Armor: DR 15, Energy Resist 15
  • Dog Armor: DR 25, Energy Resist 25
  • Heavy Dog Armor: DR 35, Energy Resist 35
  • Dog Helmet: DR 10, Energy Resist 10
  • Spiked Muzzle: DR 15, Energy Resist --, Also reflects 10% of melee damage back to attacker.
  • Dog Collar: DR 1, Energy Resist --
  • Double Dog Collar: DR 4, Energy Resist 1
  • Reinforced Dog Collar: DR 10, Energy Resist 5
  • Spiked Dog Collar: DR 4, Energy Resist 1, Also reflects 10% of melee damage back to attacker.
  • Chain Dog Collar: DR 10, Energy Resist --
Double: Twice the values of Standard.
Uber:Everything has DR 100 and Energy Resist 100.

Invisible Variants:
The Invisible versions of each esp have all of the same values but include the following additional cosmetic changes.
Dog Armor (All 3 types) is invisible while equipped on Dogmeat. There is no change to armor appearance on NPC dogs.
Reinforced Dog Collar uses the Double Dog Collar model and texture.
These changes are done entirely in the esp so they should not cause issues with texture mods that change dog armor.

Installation instructions:

I highly suggest using NMM. It takes care of all of the file edits currently required to run any mods!
  • Download the scripted installer (or one of the optional variants) and extract the version you wish to use to your data folder.
  • Follow the insturctions here ( http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Fallout_4_Mod_Installation ) for "Installing Plugins"

This mod was made in F04Edit.