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Enables workbenches during combat

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For some reason the game prevents you from using workbenches during combat, this was annoying as a lot of the time the game thinks you are in combat but you are not; in reality some enemy is near. This means that you've then gotta hunt down that enemy, kill them, and hope you don't encounter anyone on the way back to the workbench. This mod fixes that.

There was another mod that did this, however it caused enemies to think that workbenches were something they could use to defend themself. I tried to edit the keyword to change that but couldn't figure it out. Instead, I just removed the keyword from the workbench that gets used most often by enemies: the cooking stations.

This means that you won't be able to cook during combat, but neither will the enemy. This does leave the chance for enemies to use the other workbenches, however there are far less of those workbenches than there are cooking stations. Not a perfect fix but oh well!

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