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Allows encounter zone levels to be recalculated after initial entry.

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This F4SE plugin allows previously visited encounter zones to update their evaluated level so that wasteland locations' spawns continue to scale with the player after the first visit.

A configuration file called "encounter_zone_recalculation.ini" is provided with the mod, accessible at "Data/F4SE/Plugins" from the Fallout 4 install directory. There is one option.
 -1 (default). Enables the mod's functionality.
 -0. Disables the mod's functionality.

Encounter zones are used by locations in Fallout 4 to determine the level of spawns, such as enemies and loot. In the vanilla game, they are evaluated once with respect to the player's level on initial entry of a cell associated with the encounter zone. This means that for the remainder of the save, spawns within the area are of the same quality regardless of increases to the player's level, leading to weak enemies and disappointing rewards for clearing it again.

Three factors are taken into account in encounter zone level calculation:
-Player level.
-The encounter zone's minimum level. If the player's level is below this, the encounter zone's level is set to this.
-The encounter zone's maximum level. If the player's level is above this, the encounter zone's level is set to this.

The encounter zone level is substituted for the player's level in leveled list calculations within the area associated with the encounter zone. Since the levels of enemies and loot within containers are largely determined by leveled list calculations, the encounter zone level is central to the player's experience within the area.

Gunners Plaza's encounter zone has a minimum level of 35 and a maximum level of 99. If the player first enters the dungeon at level 25, the encounter zone level will be set to 35, because the player's level is below the encounter zone's minimum. In the vanilla game, if the player then clears the site out and returns after it has reset at level 95, the encounter zone level will remain at 35 due to the game's prevention of encounter zone level recalculation. Thus, the player can expect to be fighting Gunners far below their level on their second run through. Since Gunners level through level 94, the player will likely be somewhat annoyed that instead of colonels or brigadiers their assault is being resisted by hordes of privates and corporals.

With the mod installed, when the player returns, the encounter zone level will update to 95, leading to a more satisfying experience.

-This mod is an F4SE plugin that modifies the game code's decision making regarding when to calculate an encounter zone's level. It does not affect the actual calculation.
-This mod should be compatible with most mods that modify encounter zones or add new ones.
-In locations not affected by encounter zones, this mod has no effect.
-This mod can be installed or uninstalled at any point in the game. When installed, it will take effect when a location is reset and the player enters. When uninstalled, current encounter zone levels will no longer change.

underthesky, author of Encounter Zones Unlocked, a Skyrim mod providing the same function. The source code of Encounter Zones Unlocked provided a layout (and a naming scheme) for the implementation of this mod, and information within was important in helping me understand how to create an F4SE plugin and locate and identify the game code I needed to change to enable the desired game behavior.