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Male preset for use with LooksMenu

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Just another male preset. All vanila.

Installation: NMM should drop it in the proper folder. Or you can unpack it and drop the F4SE folder into your FO4 data folder.

To use: Face your character and open up the console. Type “TFC 1” – Enter, for freezing the world.

And “SUCSM1” – Enter, for slowing down the free camera movement. “

SLM14” will open the “ShowLooksMenu” menu for editing the face of your character.

For somebody else you can click on them in console to get their ID and then type “SLM” followed by the proper ID.  Once the menu is open you will
see a tag called “Presets”.  Hit that and choose Clive E among the presets.

If you want another hairdo or whatever, you can edit him to your liking while still in LooksMenu.

If you'd rather have him as a companion I recommend: Construct a Custom Companion. It works well with LooksMenu