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Here’s the raider armor coming from the Midwest as you saw it in Fallout : Tactics!

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The evil Raiders are coming from the MidWest with their devilish spikes armors!
Based on few concepts arts from Fallout : Tactics, I decided to give to this armor a
second life and bring it to the Commonwealth ! The armor is designed to be a
fully integrated armor like the Combat, Raider, Metal or Leather armor. It
means that to get the full set, you must loot each part (right leg, left leg,
left arm, right arm, torso and helmet). The armor is comparable to a light

armor in term of statistics, only trues Raiders can appreciate a such
unprotective armor!

The armor is fully integrated to leveled list, you will find it on Raiders because
they travel a lot! And we heard that some bad guys are directly coming from the
Midwest! You can buy it at a vendor also !

You can modify the armor pieces at the armor bench station with all the basic
linings modifications. There are no paintjobs for it, it is a leather armor
after all. 

Just click on “Download with Manager” and click on install! The installer will guide you in the process, and you will be able to select the body preset you want, and also the language of installation since the mod is available in French and English.

The mod is based on CBBE Curvy preset, this is the one I use, and the one on which
I modelled the armor. By using bodyslide, I built the presets for other CBBE
bodies, and Vanilla body, but I personally did not test these presets. You should
not get any clipping, but it is possible, so don’t hesitate to use
Bodyslide/Outfit studio since I provided the files.

This is my plan, I absolutely love Fallout : Tactics art style. So, I would like to
get every armor added to the Commonwealth and with a true seamless and
lore-friendly experience. I already released the Metal Armor Mk.1, so stay

You maybe noticed that on concepts arts, male and female have different armors. I
decided to go for a “generic” concept by choosing the parts I like the most on
each variant. And of course, I added a lot of details.
The armors are based on concepts arts, which are old (maybe 20 years old), so I
have to imagine some things, and take some liberties. And since I like skimpy
But you have to understand that NOTHING forces you to get bare thighs, you can use
an undersuit like you could with other armors from vanilla game. This is the
“seamless” experience I wanted.
I played with my mod before publishing it, and I used the knowledge I gained by
releasing the Metal Armor Mk.1 to avoid getting issue with this mod.
I didn’t experienced any bug, the bugs you will maybe notice will be related to
body presets, since I only tested the Curvy one (I can’t test each preset
manually, it would take me ages), if you find any issue, don’t hesitate to
report the bug and I will fix it.

Echoes from the MidWest - Metal Armor Mk1

Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer (CBBE)
For the making of the leveled list : Leveled List Injection Toolbox 
For screenshots galery : Dave’s Poses