Fallout 4
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USAF Satellite Station Olivia has undergone a general overhaul to make it similar to a real military object in the Fallout universe.

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Have you noticed that the USAF Satellite Station Olivia is not very similar to a real Military satellite station? There is no asphalt here, road leading to the station or helipad for a vertibird landing. How should the military get here? And the interior, looks like another storage for big cargo crate but not as military object with satellite equipment. That is the reason why i did this small overhaul.

What exactly I did:
1. Replace ground landscape with asphalt.                   
2. Paved the road to the station.                                 
3. Set up a checkpoint with barrier.                             
4. Install streetlights and payphones.                          
5. Set up another bunker as a raider's house.              
6. Make five little scenario to make raiders more alive.
7. And more that stuff...   


A long time ago this mod was a part of a Apocalyptic Commonwealth Project, but our paths with the author diverged, so now it's separate mod.
This mod is not compatible with any mods who change same cell.
For mod creators who want to make compatibility: -11,22 -12,22 -12,21, -11,21, -10-21 -11,20 -10,24 -11,24 -12,24.
If you use environment mods which add more trees in the commonwealth you'll see this where is shouldn't be.
This mod  doesn't break precombined meshes & previs data, navmeshes so you do not need to worry about performance drop (Thanks Corrunda for that).

Well that's all, download and enjoy it, endorse and leave your feedback in the comment section.