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Requested with meticulous attention to detail by Eferas and brought to life by me. And extended beyond the original idea based on requests and personal preferences.

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Darker, cleaner, less torn, standalone versions of the Drifter's Outfit.
Lots of variants now.


To get these items, you need to access the console "~"

Type: help "Drifter" 4
(Or some other words listed below Outfits/Hats, as long as you have quotes around it)

Page up until you find the item IDs.

Then type: player.additem [Item ID] 1




- Drifter Outfit          
( Same as original outfit, just recolored )
- Drifter Gloveless     ( Removes the long gloves, for use with craftable/equipable glove mods )
- Drifter Coat             ( Coat by itself as an accessory to wear over other outfits )
- Drifter Rolled           ( Rolled up sleeves similar to MacCready's outfit )

- Militia Hat (Cowboyish)
- Minutemen General's Hat (Tricorn)
- Wrapped Cap (Hood)
- Minuteman Hat (Preston)
- Tricorn Hat (Hancock)

Variants Available    (The tag/identifier is now at the end of the item names.)
- Dark                               ( The "Original" )(Hats & Outfits)
- Black                              ( When Dark isn't dark enough )(Hats & Outfits)
- Atom Cats                       ( Same as Black, but with the AC logo )(No Hats, Outfits Only)



1.8.1 - Update - Includes Hotfix Patch 1.8H1
1.8 - Patch - AE AWKCR compatibility patch is coming next. Starting work on it after some sleep.
1.8H1 - Hotfix - Fixed an error that shows up in the female outfit, black tattered texture error at knees. (Corrected in material files) I'm sure this isn't the last fix, because I am sure to have missed things being sleep deprived.
1.8 - Huge Update - Overhauled/rebuilt the entire mod. More streamlined on the back end to allow add-ons, got rid of most of the erroneous extra files. Legendary crafting keyword is now included by default. Added more hats. Added alt rolled outfits. Added more variants. So much stuff. Stuff everywhere.
1.0 - Alternate Textures Update - Added DBB and AC sets to optional files
1.7LEG - Alternate .ESP - Added Legendary Keyword to allow slotting of Legendary Mods
         (Do not use with Dark Drifter.esp, use just Dark Drifter_Legendary.esp instead)
1.7 - PIBE - Updated Alt Black/Grey texture for latest variants.
1.7 - Update/Fix - Added Rolled outfit Variant, female meshes now have fixed physics! Hooray!
1.6 - Update/Fix - Proper Fix to Biped Slot 57, plus Gloveless Armor Variant
1.5H - Hotfix - Since grenades also use the Shield Slot (69), changed to Biped slot 37
1.5 - Optional "Fix" Update - Edited female coat mesh to "fix" ass/hip clipping. Causes bugs with the physics, though.
1.5 - Includes 1.4 Hotfixes, corrects error on Female Coat material file. 
1.4H - Hotfix - Fixes 1st person clipping while sneaking
1.4 - Added Separate Coat that you can wear over other outfits. (Uses slot 59 - Shield) (Includes AE Keywords Patch) (PIBE also updated for this variant)
1.3 - Corrected coloration on Female cuff
1.2 - Second .ESP patch correcting biped flags, should resolve armor addon conflicts
1.1 - .ESP patch to add Armorsmith Extended Keywords
1.0B - Optional Vanilla Replacer available
1.0A - Alternate Black/Grey Retexture
1.0 - Initial Release of Dark Drifter Outfit


1.8 - Now included in Main Mod, added Preston and Hancock hat variants
1.1 - Update "Dark Hats" - Changed Militia Hat to Tricorne Hat and added actual Militia Hat. Black alt textures available in the texture folder, overwrite the brown ones. (No standalone at the moment, either or)
1.0 - Initial Release of "Dark Hats" (Dark Militia Hat and Dark Wrapped Cap)



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