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I turned this settlement into a research facility, advanced enough to make The Brotherhood suspicious and the Institute curious.

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The reason I turned Taffington into a research facility, is because of its location. It's near a hospital and near Covenant, a synth experimental facility (in my next mod) So it is perfectly convenient and lore friendly. It feels like a real research facility and settlers do real research and use the microscopes.

There are 4 types of experimental mushrooms and a weed bush as well as other glowing mushrooms to tend to. (PS - You can craft blunts in the chem station and smoke weed)
The whole yard is decorated nicely with an apple tree and other flowers that your settlers can tend to and a grave for a fallen researcher. Hey, experiments go bad all the time, or maybe it was those pesky blood bugs that lives around the corner.

The defense system is great, it survived a "Rust Devil" and a blood bug attack at the same time without anything breaking.

15 Settlers/15 Beds I tried my best to make it look like a home not a fortress.
There's no reason for settlers to stand around with their finger up their nose, everyone should be busy and it should look like they are actually doing research.

This is how I choose to assign my settlers:
Mushroom experiments = 4 
Mushroom planters = 1
Apple Tree = 1
Flowers = 2
Boat = 1
Butcher = 1
Bar = 1
Clinic = 2
Weapons = 1
Defense Post = 1

PS: If it wasn't for "Better Stores" I wouldn't be able to get this much immersion. Amazing Mod!