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This mod removes pipe guns from the game, and makes small changes to get a better experience in a modded game. // Also included a tutorial to replace weapons.

Permissions and credits

This mod redistributes several weapons leveled lists. This mod removes pipe guns from the game, and makes small changes to get a better experience in a modded game.

Do you like pipe weapons? "NO": Ok! Continue reading. "YES": This mod is not for you (please, I don't want posts about lore).

What does this mod do

This mod removes pipe weapons from leveled lists. This means it won't spawn again. Where you found pipe guns in vanilla game, now you will find fully variety of random weapons.

Our friends raiders and other endearing angry people, will spawn with pistol, pipe revolver and double barrel shotgun (and melee weapons) at level 1, and start using other weapons at higher levels.

Weapons are not modified at all by this mod, I only have modified leveled lists, so existing weapons in your game will not disappear. Anyway, this mod is more effective in a new game.

Why not to simply use a pipe weapon replacer?

Because pipe weapons are everywhere. If you replace it, you will see the new weapon always everywhere.

One leveled list to rule them all

This mod is especially useful in a modded game, using both weapon replacers and other weapons added to leveled lists by script.

Several things to take in mind:

FIRST: I recommend use this mod with a mod that replaces pipe revoler with a normal revolver. Now, that weapon will be a basic "tier 1" weapon. (Don't you have a normal revolver? Don't worry, read the end of this description)

SECOND: I recommend to replace bolt action pipe gun with a sniper rifle. (Don't you have a sniper rifle to replace bolt action pipe gun? Don't worry, read the end of this description)

THIRD: Probably you want to replace vanilla submachine gun with a cool weapon from Nexus. This is the reason to set the SMG as a "tier 2" weapon.

FOURTH: If you want to  install this mod in mid-game, the better way to do it is install the mod, open game and wait more than 20 days in a interior cell (all respawnable things will be respawned).

FIFTH: The leveled lists used in this mod, are leveled lists used often by mods that add weapons by script. So, when I say "random weapons" I really say "random weapons"

SIXTH: I can't promise you won't see a a clueless guy with a pipe gun (very rarely).

Is this mod safe to uninstall?

Yes, this is safe to uninstall because this mod doesn't add or remove items from anywhere.

To revert changes done by this mod, wait more than 20 days in a interior cell.


This mod in potentially incompatible with other mods that modify weapons leveled lists (!).

Raiders and the level limitation

This mod has limitations. The limitation is the level of the NPCs. Many raiders and other people are set at level 1 (or other low levels). Because of that, this NPCs will almost always spawn with low level weapons.

I have created this other mod to solve it:

Both mods together bring fun to the game. I recommend to check it.

What about super mutants?

Super mutants are a special case. In vanilla game, they share weapons with humans, but have not same animation for all weapons, and usually modders don't make animations for super mutants, because they make weapons for humans player characters.

Because of that, if you replace weapons, probably super mutants won't know how to use that, and will fight with their bare knuckles.

I have created this other mod to solve it:

(This mod doesn't replace weapons, but I talk about super mutants and weapons replacers to get "the perfect match" of tweaks on a modded game.)

How does this mod work? (You don't need to read this)

Pipe guns leveled lists

Removed pipe guns from this lists, and replaced with list "GunGeneralStore". Modified lists are the following:

So, every other leveled list that spawn a pipe gun from this lists, now it will spawn a random weapon from list "GunGeneralStore".

Heavy weapon list (LLC_Vendor_Weapon_Heavy)

This list starts to spawn heavy weapons (missile launcher, flamer, minigun and gauss rifle) from level 11.

Until level 10, in vanilla game it spawns pipe gun. I replaced the pipe gun with a bolt action pipe gun.

Gun general store leveled list (LL_Vendor_Weapon_GunGeneralStore)

I let pistol, shotgun and pipe revolver as "tier 1 weapons", revolver .44 from level 3, and submachine gun from level 5. Removed pipe weapons, of course, and also added a chance to spawn a heavy weapon.

So, in this list, now we have:
Pistol 10mm (level 1)
Double barrel shotgun (level 1)
Pipe revolver (level 1)
Revolver .44 (from level 3)
Submachine gun (from level 5)
Laser gun (from level 7)
Heavy weapons list (from level 10) (Anyway, on low levels, this list usually will spawn a bolt action pipe weapon)
Combat shotgun (from level 10)
Combat rifle (from level 15)
Plasma gun (from level 17)
Assault rifle (from level 24)

Raider guns (LLI_Raider_Weapons)

Modified list for more variety on raider weapons. Now, they will spawn with random weapon from list "GunGeneralStore". From level 14, they spawn with combat rifle or a random weapon. And from level 28, they will spawn with combat rifle, assault rifle or random weapon.


Replacing pipe revolvers and bolt action pipe guns

I recommend to use a replacer for this two weapons.

I wrote and article about how to replace vanilla weapons by weapons from mods. Check it on articles section of this mod. You can do it! It is very simple to do :) (You will need FO4Edit)

Anyway, I have created a replacer for the pipe revolver. You can find it here:

Don't you like the world? Mod it!!