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Very simple no-esp model replacer for the Chemistry Stations to make them more immersive for crafting everything.

Also with an ESL-flagged ESP option (doesn't count towards your load order limit) which lets you craft the 4 alternate models.

Permissions and credits
This mod simply replaces the models for the Chemistry Stations with more complete workbenches that make it more immersive to craft other items there. It does not need a plug-in, and it doesn't change or add anything else. To me this is the lightest way to improve the experience of crafting items. 

It uses the same basic frames as the two vanilla chemistry station workbenches, so they should fit right into wherever you have already placed these in your game. Uses all vanilla assets. Just use your mod manager or place them yourself in a loose file of the correct filepath in your Data folder (as seen in the zip file). 

Some non-chem items in the vanilla game and a million mods' items (including my Wasteland Tactical - Visible Weapons on Packs mod, which is what made me want to do this) are crafted with the Chemistry Station. I wanted those workbenches to look cooler and more immersive than just a table with some paltry chem stuff. I looked around and saw some great mods that add benches and/or change crafting, but nothing that just improved the basic Chemistry Station. So I threw these together. I think they are fun.

I have added an alternate version of the models which does not have the various components and personal objects on them. You may find this even more immersive, since all the benches around the commonwealth probably wouldn't have the same arrangement of stuff on them... So these just have the standard essential components of a workbench needed for building all that stuff you want.

I have also added an ESL-flagged ESP version (does not count toward your load order limit) which uses these clean benches, but also allows you to build three other options for each bench, along with the clean option. They are the shown in the pictures. It's two versions cluttered with components, weapon and armor stuff, as well as the vanilla chemistry station models. 

- If you would like this mod to be "standalone" (i.e. not replace the vanilla benches but allow you to build the new ones in the workshop), you can use this ESP version and just rename the two relevant files: exchange the file names of the A01 and B01 files with those called A01-00 and B01-00. The -00 files are the vanilla bench models. -

Note about the game calling them "Chemistry Station": 

To be clear about the scope of this mod:

Thanks and credits:
Gambit77 and fadingsignal for your fun and inspirational mods
zachtan1234 for all your help and encouragment
the other cool modders and friends on here and on discord that have helped me learn things
ousnius, ElminsterAU, jonwd7 and the nifskope folks for the amazing modding tools
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