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This is not a guide!
Considering there are no ultimate definitions for modding these are my preferences. Search, try and enjoy your time in the wasteland!

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"Like tears in rain."

An enhanced vanilla dirty theme, an alternative for a better journey that works well in first players or the ones exploring the wasteland once again keeping the dramatic and comical feeling this world always offered. Fan of the Fallout series since the first one i intend to not totally dismiss the actual game mechanics keeping a lore friendly content, achieving a more interesting and challenging experience, adjusting balance and offering features that reconnect with the RPG we miss. All of it by compiling a few incredible mods!

Overhaul experience enhancements!
Balance and lore friendly focus!
Designed for a stable game-play!
 Extra tweaks and features!
☆ Equilibrium between performance and good visuals!

- Original PC version of Fallout 4 with all DLCs (just don't install HD Pack).
- A new/clean game installation outside of windows protected folders.
- Recommended for survival mode but not necessarily. 
- Creation Club content not required but possible to add in case you want.

Check on Installation and Settings by GamerPoets for a tutorial on the matter.

Consciousness and other concerns!
"I don’t mind the dirt. I do mind unannounced visits."

- If you are a beginner at modding in general check 5 Modding Tips for Beginners by GamerPoets! Start slowly...
- It is crucial to have a proper load order for the game stability and full cooperation between mods. Check on Modding 101 Load Order for a better understanding of this important subject and/or just follow the list order.

- Its up to you, depending on your machine, to choose texture size resolution. Personally I keep on maximum 2K since for a moving game too much detail will escape your eyes.
- My intentions are not only to provide stability on my mod choices but to help manage that in any custom list. Category order can help you realize where to install mods not mentioned in this list. Use that for your advantage!
- Descriptions can be relative. Other options for installation may be more appealing for you. This is just how i play the game!
- The way to understand any mod is by the modder’s page information and not by me or any other mod list compilation author.
- Please ENDORSE mods that you like and don't forget to check the TRACKING button to stay updated with any change.

Color symbols description:
 Requires a AWKCR VIS-G Patch (note that some mod descriptions options may be ignore when this patches are used).
 More recommended mods, great for that extra juice! However I don't currently use them or they may be of interest for a different play-through.

Tools & settings
"Wakatte kudasai yo!"

ENB's & Textures enhancements
“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”

Core mods & fixes
"To be born is to have a soul, I guess."

User interface
“If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes...”

“We’re all just looking out for something real."

Characters resources
“More human than human is our motto.”

Weapons & devices
“Wake up, time to die!”

Equipment & armors
"Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave."

People & creatures
“My friends are toys. I make them.”

Quests & locations
“I'm not in the business. I am the business.”

“An angel. Made again. For you.”

Gameplay & mechanics
“Bishop to king seven.”

Environment & visuals
“I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate."

Audio FX
“I dreamt music.”

Patches & whatnots
“You look lonely. I can fix that.”


Post instructions and other awareness!

- Quick Compatibility patch -
-Open xEdit with all your plugins and let the loader finish.
-Right mouse click anywhere in the left panel. Choose "Other" and "Create Merged Patch".
-A warning message appear but just click yes. Now name your compatibility patch as you want.
-Expand the resulted plugin and remove all records but not "Container" and/or "Leveled Item".
-Save and exit the program. Done!

- This may help merge leveled lists of any custom mod list. It is an automatic process so manual adjustments may be necessary.
- Make sure to tick check the new plugin in your mod manager and that it is always in the end of your load order (name it the same for your savegame not to cry). Also you need to redo this every time you install or remove mods that may contain leveled list edits. Just delete the plugin and repeat the process.

Wrye Bash special note related to its bashed patch:
This tool can be very handy especially for advanced users as it can provide information on mod's plugins that can be turn into esl flagged and other useful information. HOWEVER, I don't recommend to use the bashed patch feature. Personally I notice it merge back vanilla edits that mods intentionally adjust neutralizing that way their purpose. I strongly suggest to use instead the xEdit process explained above if not manually.

- Merge plugins -
- LOST AWKCR VIS-G Patches plugins are flagged as ESL but if you want to merge them i recommend Merge Plugins or zEdit by matortheeternal.
- For advanced users they are definitely good tools to merge other plugins as well but if you don't know what you doing is better to leave them as it is.

- Miscellaneous Tools - 
- FallrimTools - Script Cleaning and More - Carefully read the page description and check post section for better understanding of this useful tool.

- Required emend in the event of total official update - 
F4SE (remove previous .dll version files)
Mod Configuration Menu 
Crafting Highlight Fix 
DEF_UI (Only necessary the translation file)
Classic Holstered Weapons System 
Bullet Counted Reload System 
Place Everywhere 

These mods may require attention in case Bethesda release official updates. Check on Creation Club Breaks F4SE by GamerPoets for suggestions or Fallout 4 exe Auto Backup for some tape fix!



Credits and special thanks!

Mod authors and collaborators present in this list!
Take a moment to endorse what you like and give some kudos to authors and they definitely deserve some feedback. 
Respect the community. My desires to play this game would never be fulfilled without them! 

Romeo1408 for all support, bug report, suggestions and solutions! It's been a while and i can't thank enough for all what he have done for this mod list and to my modding knowledge. Cheers! 

- Reaper0666 for creating a extended texture mod list when i was delaying it. Letting me upload it's work with the extra suggestions beside the help on settings and mods integration. Big kudos!

- HeliX2K for all suggestions and in-game testing on mods and tweaks. It's easy to be lost in all the good mods out there and make them work together so having help on that makes all the difference. Thanks! 

- GamerPoets team for the great work on easy detailed tutorials about multiple subjects. Huge thanks for their effort into making modding possible for everyone!

- RedRocketTV for the great Let's Play and tutorials. Check on his current and work in progress mods for some more nice suggestions!

Blade Runner movies for all the quotes and inspiration of this page! R.I.P. Rutger Hauer. Your words are immortal!

- For the modding community to be as much in love with games as i do. I could never play this game without them!

- Nexus for having an amazing place for people to share all their good stuff.

- Bethesda, even when they disappoint us, it would not be possible to keep Fallout series a must have experience!

Special attention to other mod lists for the options and suggestions into the world of modding!

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