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Fixed the .nif mesh file for the Assaultron 'Left Hand Hydraulic Frame' armor piece so that the "piston rods on the left arm twist through the forearm" bug won't occur anymore.

Permissions and credits
Introducing the premier, and as of this upload date, only fix for that bug wherein the Assaultron's left hand hydraulic frame armor piece (and only the left piece SMH) is misaligned with, and won't rotate properly on the arm leading to a twisty clipping issue. After what was probably way too much effort spent on trouble shooting this, it now spins properly and doesn't clip anymore. We did it team! and only just four years late...

Things to Know
Firstly: Anyone who wants to use this for any of their own mods, try to fix the mesh some more so it'll work with the blade arms somehow, or for anything really; go ahead and go nuts, just mention me in the credits or something.

Secondly: This mod (we calling single file fixes mods now? :-I), in fixing the left Assaultron Claw problem, applies the same misalignment issue between the right Assaultron Stealth Blade and right hand armor piece to the left side as well. Apparently making it work properly for the claw borks it for the blade, not that the hydraulic frame looked all that great paired with the left blade in the first place, what with the exposed transparent textureless areas and clipping.

And Lastly, for anyone wondering what mods were being used in my title pic:

I'd like to give a shoutout to rafamacamp's mod "Even more RILF Assaultron", for making my big tiddy robot GF dummy Thicc, while still keeping her recognizable as an Assaultron and not some form of bizarre estraz Japanese hooker bot.

Another shoutout to TheLaurent for their mod "Laurent's Robot Skins", for being one of the woefully small selection of much needed robot paint job mods on this site.

Finally, a shoutout to TheThirdRace's "Mod Publishing Tutorial" on how to do this whole uploading a mod thing.

Mod Manager Download: Coming soon after I figure out how to make an FoMod. Apparently them software automations will pluck the job right outta your hands :-7. Just have Archive Invalidation working, then click 'Mod Manager Download' and let the machine take care of everything. *thumbs up*

Manual Install: It's a zip file containing a single .nif file with the preserved folder structure to make sure it writes to where it needs to in the Fallout 4 Data folder. Assuming you have Archive Invalidation working, drop the unzipped Data folder into your Fallout 4 install folder and it will go where it needs to go.

Uninstall: Instruct your virtual mod managing robot to remove this mod post-haste. For a manual uninstall, go to "...Fallout 4\Data\meshes\actors\DLC01\Robot\Parts\Assaultron" folder and delete the "AssaultronConstructionHandLeftArmor_10.nif" file.

An Epic Tale
Four years ago, as of this mod upload, the Automatron DLC was released for Fallout 4, and it was pretty good; except for one particular single thing... this stupid piece of robot hand armor that was so horribly visually glitched that it repulsed me to even use!

Flash forward to now, due to current at the time events, with much brand new free time I decide to reinstall Fallout 4 and its requisite shovel-fulls of mods (gotta hit the sweet spot just shy of that catastrophically unstable cliff into the maw of the CTD abyss :-V.) since, as with most Bethesda games, I have never actually beaten it. Cause I do side quests until I wander off to other games... Like, everytime :^).

Right, the bug. So I see this bug that cheesed me off so much last time, and go to check if anyones fixed it since then, because how hard can it be to fix one janky mesh right? But alas nothing; so filled with Mountain Dew, poor decisions on how to spend my free time, and 'babbys first file edit' levels of previous modding experience under my belt, I embark on a quest to quash this immersion breaking menace.

Six hours of putzing around in NifSkope to figure out how it works later, I am left with a profound desire to never want to use NifSkope again. So anyways, the reason why the glitch happens is because the mesh model is misaligned and literally missing the animation data to make it rotate properly; like whoever was making it just forgot to put it in there, and no one bothered to look into it when they saw this thing being obviously broken. Poor show Todd; pay your coders more, get them to actually test their work, and stop using the pulverized equine corpse of the Gamebryo engine for godssake. Put that thing out of its misery already.

After crudely cribbing over the missing rotational data from the functioning right hand armor mesh to the incomplete left hand one, and being surprised that the result didn't burst into flames and actually sorta worked, I spend another four hours futilely trying to get the thing to realign properly after it decided to lock into the wrong orientation due to the injection of the missing data. Then I find out after slamming my head onto google some more, that I can just dump the .nif files into Outfit Studio, and I proceed to make the adjustments in under 30 minutes :-/. Thank you Outfit Studio, thank you for not being NifSkope.

And there you have it, one waking days worth of screwing around with no idea what I'm doing, resulting in a wonky mesh fix that will likely end up being my modding magnum opus, yay me.  >    ____  >