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Replacer for the Western revolver in Nuka World DLC.

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I was a bit decieved with the "western" revolver in Nuka World, as I always though the two most iconic weapons of that era were the Colt Peacemaker and the Colt Army.
This mod replaces the vanilla 44Western revolver in Nuka World with the Colt Peacemaker.
Also replaces .44 caliber with .45 caliber.

The weapons is fully functional, except reload animations that still uses the vanilla ones, instead of the single action reload that this weapon had.

Note : I didn´t make the model, I bought it to Metamorfa in Turbosquid and converted it to be functional in Fallout 4 (Royalty Free License), and used it for a while with no problem.

It also replaces the mipmap in textures\shared\cubemaps\mipblur_defaultoutside1.dds to get the look in the pictures, if you replace that texture (or use the one in the HD DLC, the weapon will look different (maybe you like it more, it turns totally black and not metallic, as intended...)

Added a file with two wearable models, right and left models, to use with Visible Weapons, but not implemented anywhere right now, you´ll have to replace some of the models in mods like Friffy´s wearable weapons with mine (by example the Acc - 44Western brown grip nif file...)

If anyone can make a single action reload animation, that would be awesome ;)

TIP: you don´t need to go to Nuka World to get one revolver, there´s one just outside Vault111, at the security cabin ;)

XBOX port by TakahashiThePimp : https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4163290