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A different approach to the Minutemen General armour. Optional coat colours available.

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Minutemen General Retexture
By Billyro


This mod retextures the Minutemen General outfit in Fallout 4.

The changes are as follows:
-Changed general colour scheme
-Dark undershirt
-More cloth-like material
-Less dirt
-Reduced cloth specularity
-More prominent buttons
-Regenerated normal maps to accentuate these changes

The outfit is in the default 2K resolution and affects both male and female versions of the armour. 

Optional files:

Black Coat: makes the coat and pants black. 
Blue Coat: makes the coat blue. 
Brown Coat Dark Pants: makes the pants darker while retaining the brown coat. 
Brown Coat Dirty Version: adds some dirt and grime to the brown coat. 
Dark Blue Coat: makes the coat dark blue like the original. 
Green Coat: makes the coat darkish green. 
Grey Coat: makes the coat grey. 
Olive Coat: makes the coat olive coloured. 
Red Coat: makes the coat red. Not lore-friendly. 
Tan Coat: makes the coat tan coloured like the generic Minutemen.
White and Black Coat: makes the coat white, and the pants and collar black.
White Coat: makes the coat white like Preston Garvey's. 

Miscellaneous files:

No Star Decal: removes the star on the chest-piece. Also affects the combat armours. 
Shinier Buttons: makes the buttons a bit shinier so they "pop out" more against the cloth. 
Shiny Combat Armour: my custom tweaks for the combat armour (it affects the chest-piece too). 


Will overwrite any other texture mods that affect the Minutemen General armour.

Known Issues:

The top button on the coat gets stretched a little bit. This is a mesh issue and cannot be resolved until the tools are available to fix it.


The standard procedure. If you're unfamiliar with installing mods, watch this (manual installation) or watch this (NMM installation).


Please notify me if you want to use these textures, and make sure to give credit. Other than that, go wild. 

Credits and Tools Used: