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Allows you to gamble on a slot machine. Requires Vault Tec DLC. Available as an ESL tagged ESP.

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So you're rewriting the description (yet again)?

Yeah, so STFU, stop asking questions, and listen (yet again).

I've dropped support for the non-DLC versions.  The mod for the non-DLC version as it stands is fine, so if you have that you don't need to update.  If you do want to update then uninstall this version and download my Lucky 444 Online Gambling Terminal and Holotape mod which is DLC free and offers  more options than this.  Lucky 444 is also completely compatible with this mod.

The ESP is also tagged as an ESL so it shouldn't eat a mod slot.  Anyway, let's get on with it.

What this mod does.

The mod takes the normal slot machine from the Vault-Tec expansion, or adds a new machine in the non-DLC version, that allows you to gamble for caps/pre-war money (only available in certain locations, and not buildable).  They cost 10 caps (or 1 pre-war money) to play, and you can win up to 150 caps (15 pre-war money).

It also adds the same amount of happiness to a settlement that the "lost revenue" machine has in the Vault-Tec expansion, regardless of whether you have the expansion or not.

How it works.

It performs a "dice roll" for the player which can result in a number between 0 and 10, and then performs another for the "house" which is between 5 and 10.  Whoever has the highest number wins, or in the event of them both being equal it is in favour of the house.  This means that the mechanic works in favour of the house.

If the player wins, a second dice roll is performed for them which is based on the luck.  The number will be capped by the luck of the player, so for instance if the player has a luck of 4 the maximum number that can be rolled is 4, so the roll will be between 1 and 4.  It then checks to see how much has been won.  The formula for this is (roll * 10) + 10, or roll + 1 for the pre-war money.  If the player gets 10 or over then you'll get 150 caps/15 pre-war money.

A box will pop-up to let the player know the result.

There is also a global jackpot that has been added in v4.  Every time you play on any machine (in whatever settlements or the ones in the wild) 1 cap/$0.5 will be added to a pool.  If you get 3 meat bananas then there will a be a jackpot bonus added to the 150 caps (it's only available with 10 luck).  Something worth noting with the pre-war money machines, is that the jackpot effectively increases every second spin.  I have to convert a floating point (eg 1.234) to an integer (1) which will round down so it might appear like it's missed a spin.  You can't have half of an object in FO4 anyway - you either have something or you don't.

Building them.

The machine is located in Power > Miscellaneous, and it needs to be connected to the power.

Where the external ones are.

There are caps versions located in Diamond City (Colonial Taphouse, Dug Out Inn) and Goodneighbour (Hotel Rexford, Memory Den, Third Rail).  There's also an extra one in the Combat Zone.

For the pre-war money versions it's the Concord Speak Easy and Shamrock Taphouse.

What this mod doesn't do.

It's NOT animated in any way shape or form.  The reason is I don't have the expertise to create animations.  If anyone wants to help with this then let me know, and it would be extremely appreciated.

You also can't sit at the machines.  Whenever you sat at the machines and tried to activate a second time you simply stood up, and it was just a time-waste.

Random features (aka glitches).

While it can be tempting to spam the activate button, please try not to.  If you manage to press it quick enough so that you do it before the results box is displayed the machine will take your caps without doing a roll.  This tends to be a little more noticeable when you're using the DLC version as there's a bit more going on with that machine than there is with the non-DLC version.


Russian translation by Nirichan can be found here... https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/46781
If anyone else wants to translate it, then get in touch.

So I hope you enjoy the mod, but remember, when the fun stops... STOP (this goes for real world gambling too).