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Gives alcohol physical effects on the player

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  • French
In the base game, alcohol only affects your stats and some speech, but I wanted it to do more. This mod gives alcohol a physical effect on the player in gradual steps. Drinking alcohol will cause the player's camera to blur and wobble, and the more you drink, the worse the blur and wobble get. After enough drinks, you will blackout and regain consciousness at one of 29 locations around the Commonwealth.

There are two systems designed to blackout, a level-based or SPECIAL-based system.
Level Based:
- Starting at level 1, you can drink four consecutive drinks, then you will blackout. This progresses through level 50, where you will cap at eight drinks to blackout.
- Starting at endurance 1, you can consume three drinks; going through endurance 10, you can drink six before proceeding to blackout.

To manually install, all you have to do is unpack the file and copy the folder's contents to the Fallout 4 directory.

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