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  1. TakaruMinari
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    Update v2.0

    The Creation Kit cometh: Instead of affecting individual weapon modifications, Reduced Energy Recoil now affects the respective weapons' Aim Models (which dictate things such as recoil or spread base values).
    As a result, RER should be compatible with any weapon mod which uses these Aim Models as a base as well as any which affect weapon modifications.
  2. pndragon65
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    Post removed because I am obviously an idiot
  3. tear151
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    Light DOES have momentum that's a fundamental part of Einsteins theory of relativity where they have momentum based on their energy. In fact, since the lasers in this game fully vaporise human beings, I did a back of the envelope calculation for how much energy that beam needs to achieve that and it's the equivalent momentum of a 50. cal bullet.
    1. lyoko1
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      Is not the laser what vaporizes the humans, that is just instant combustion by themselves, this can be proved easily,
      shoot a movable item on the floor whit ballistic gun, it moves
      now shoot it whit a plasma weapon, in moves but just a bit
      shoot it whit a laser gun, it does not move.
      this prove the lasers in fallout4 have not enought momentum to create recoil in something as big as a gun
  4. Nassens
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    My Load order is giant so no blame on the mod. Yet it doesn't work for me even if last on the load order (tryed both just prior my bashed patch and after it, and in the prior version, both with the patch rebuilded and without it)... So the question is any idea of what can be overwritting or nullifying the changes from this mod even though it beeing loaded as the last mod?
  5. BeingShotAt
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    Think you could add a tutorial as to how to add weapon compatibility for this?
  6. dallesse
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    This mod seems to work fine with normal scopes... but with combat scopes?

    Kicks like a mule.

    In Bullet Time!?

    LOL... forget about it.

    At least if you decided to use the Lasers Only version at first, then decided later on that you also wanted Plasma... you seem to be able to use a version of both without any problems!
  7. Snowbrawler
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    Will you make an updated version that also accounts for DeadPools Wattz 3000?
  8. pokemontrainer0426
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    Can you do an addon/mod to eliminate the flamer's recoil. it doesn't make much sense to me for a flamethrower to have the same recoil as an assault rifle.
    1. RedDog6911
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      Flamethrowers do have recoil though... it's spraying liquid... remember Newton's laws?
  9. eurosonly
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    Does exactly as the mod promises. Thank you so much for this.
  10. enderstorm
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    Are you happy now, Austin?
    1. FurrySloth
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      I bet he is... and so am I.
  11. Hexello
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    Why don't you compensate no recoil via laser beam accuracy or lower the damage. This could keep the game challenging
    1. angeleyes_2c
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      Lasers already have piss-poor damage with the exception of a gatling laser with charging barrels.

      It's not big enough of a deal to matter if you play on normal. But up the difficulty and they're just too weak even with stacking everything you can in perks and effects on them.

      Fallout New Vegas was way better... and of course, not done by Bethesda.