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It's finally here! No more visual and sound bugs. No esp's or scripts, just 8 edited animations, which means great compatibility. Enhance your minigun experience now! Gatling laser included.

Permissions and credits

Sound replacer: louder gunsFrom 39th's second     (also Right click -> loop ↑)

(just) Works everywhere: in first person, first person sighted, third person and third person in power armor.
You can freely use any parts or the whole mod inside another or a collection of mods without crediting me or asking permission.

Recommended with Immersive Gameplay, my favorite overhaul from 4 compared.


-With this mod you don't have to shoot from a complete stop, wasting precious seconds in a heat of battle (and ammo)
-Forget about timing your attacks behind cover or shooting to keep barrels spinning

As a result:
-three times reduced ammo consumption
-Increased survivability, because of more cover independence (no waiting for spin up behind cover)

Detailed info:

Same fire rate, just spin up is nonexistent, no visual or sound bugs added(unlike in other mods with the same idea),

compatible with any mods that use and don't change minigun and Gatling gun animations.
Skibadaa's miniguns for example.(Mentioned by Smitty914)

There aren't as many mods that change vanilla minigun animations(if any), as mods that change weapon records with esp(there are billions son!).

Additional info:

You can get any combination of changes by deleting some of the files. For example: fire delay from hip fire, and no fire delay sighted etc. 8 files, means 256 combinations!

Fun trivia:

There are 5.56, 7.62, 12.7 (.50), 20, 30mm caliber miniguns, each following is more powerful, than previous! The latter capable of destroying lightly armored vehicles, and damaging tanks

Here is how the 30mm caliber gun looks like, compared to a car


About why delay is 0 and not 150 milliseconds for example:

I acknowledge the fact that in 6 videos with rotary machine guns that fired 7.62 cartridges i watched, there was an observable delay (of ~ 150ms) between the press of the trigger and the fire
I believe that's the time it requires to spin up barrels to fire in set fire rate.

I tried to recreate that delay, but problems appeared:
-inconsistent fire delay (annoying)

-sped up spin up animation(when the duration value is not set to 0, spin up animation wouldn't skip, but proceed at a speed proportional to that value, i.e when set to 0.25 animation would play at 4x speed).
That problem exist because the weapon doesn't have a sophisticated minigun mechanic. It's just an automatic weapon with charge up animation, like a Gauss rifle. It means that spin is not synchronized with firing, but just synchronous to it and changing the value would disrupt that synchronicity.
It's less important problem being just cosmetic and visible during slow-mo.

to avoid those problems  i made the next best thing of nullifying spin up animation.

I also believe that rotary machine gun, can be fired immediately (during spin up). it will start at relatively low fire rate(depends on power of rotation engine and weight of the barrels), and then get progressively faster. As demonstrated in this video:

I also made pretty authentic firing sound(from cool old gunshot sound effect) by studying footage of real life combat and physics of explosions.

How i made this:

I downloaded
(Fallout 4 Animation Kit (F4AK) by ShadeAnimator
) and (B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor)


to extract
WPNChargeUp.hkx files from Fallout4 - Animations.ba2 

and used 

to convert
WPNChargeUp.hkx files to .xml

then edited duration of
<hkobject class="hkaSplineCompressedAnimation" name="#92"  in the line <hkparam name="duration">1.0</hkparam> (the 1.0 value)

and in the end i converted WPNChargeUp.xml files back to .hkx

Help author 

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