Fallout 4

About this mod

Are you ready to become a Responder? Meet up with the last surviving member of the Commonwealth Responders and help him to rebuild the Responders from the ground up. Adds 28 new quests, 27 new outfits, 30 new buildable items and 52 buildable signs. And more!

Permissions and credits
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What is The Commonwealth Responders?:

The Commonwealth Responders is an ambitious Fallout 4 quest mod that transports the remnants of the famed Responder faction from Fallout 76 to the Commonwealth. You will embark on a suspenseful adventure with the last surviving member of the Commonwealth Responders. Together, you will rebuild the Responders from the ground up.

The Commonwealth Responders offers 28 quests, 27 new outfits, 30 new buildable items, and 52 buildable signs. The build area of Jamaica Plain has also been expanded for you to create the Responder settlement of your dreams.
Recruit new members, Give them jobs to help the community and defend your territory. 
The question is, will you answer the call?

The building items can be found inside Decorations -> Misc.

IMPORTANT: Right now I'm working on a updated version that will fix most of the issues.
For the people who do not know how to start the quest: Walk over the Sanctuary Bridge.
For the people that have issues with the radio signal: Go to the top of Lexington Apartments or walk into the Courtyard of Mystic pines. It will skip the radio part.

If you have something build in there it might get deleted or altered.

Only the automatron DLC is required for the Responder protectrons.

Do you like the mod and are you curious about what else I do? Than take a look on my Youtube Channel.



Complete The Circuit: Voice Actor Walker
Erin Nicole Lundquist (www.erinnicolelundquist.com) : Voice Actress Shelly/Madeline
Mstr56: Voice Actor Edwards
CrabCakes125: Voice Actor Paul
Whitecollar: Questing/scripting advice
KingGath: Various Tutorials
Seddon4944: Various Tutorials
Darkfox127: Various Tutorials
Neeher: Firetruck
Ms.Rae: Tents

TU3SD4Y'S Fallout 76 Survival Tent
TU3SD4Y'S Red Winter Jacket
TU3SD4Y'S Toilet Roll Currency
TU3SD4Y'S Fallout 76 Responder Protectron Paintjobs
TU3SD4Y'S Fallout 76 Responder Paramedic Jumpsuit
TU3SD4Y'S Buildable Fallout 76 Watchtowers
TU3SD4Y'S Fallout 76 Watchtowers
TU3SD4Y'S METRO Oberland (Clean Version)
TU3SD4Y'S METRO Oberland
TU3SD4Y'S Spectacle Island City - 4 Versions Edition
TU3SD4Y'S Spectacle Island City
TU3SD4Y'S Realistic Castle Settlement Blueprint