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This mod is focused on making power armor less weak while still trying to be balanced, several options will be released, still WIP

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I stopped playing Fallout 4 (god its open world is horrible, I miss FO3 and FNV), mod discontinued

This mod is focused on making power armor less weak while still trying to be balanced, I will try to look into the balance and make several adjustments to make power armor more balanced, I might also include patches which make it harder to get.
Personally I already used a mod which makes fusion cores infinite, I absolutely hate the fusion core system and I won't be adding some new  kind of fuel consumption (maybe switch the type to something more common than fusion cores though)

Rebalanced power armor repairs:
This download changes circuitry into cloth, more alumium and more steel when repairing power armor, especially when not combined with the health upgrading patch, the power armor circuitry repairing is quite pricy as circuitry is quite rare in Fallout 4, it's also unrealistic, the circuitry should be the least vulnerable part of the armor, instead I add slightly more steel and introduce cloth as repair material for the torso as the power armor frame has cloth which could wear down, alumium requirements were also upped. (looking into it, god it must hurt being in that armor for long, almost no cloth padding).

Increased health: (4x)
This download contains ESPs (several, each DLC included seperately) which quadruple the health of all power armor parts, the reason that I see this as balanced is because power armor breaks ridiculously quickly, after every hour of gameplay I have to return to a village to repair my armor which is an irritating waste of time.
Recommended additions:
Some Assembly Required
No fusion cores in fours
Permanent fusion cores
Rechargeable fusion cores
Fusion Reactors require Fusion Cores and Nuclear Physicist Perk