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Makes Lone Wanderer VIS-G v2.7 compatible.
The .esp is flagged as an ESL

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- - Lone wanderer fast travel - VIS-G compatible- -

I initially made this mod for myself, because I'm a completionist and I want all the items I use to have a VIS-G icon.
I thought others might want to use it too.
This simple mod will make Lone wanderer fast travel VIS-G v2.7 compatible.
This mod will give all the fuel types, notes and resources the right icon in the all misc. section of any container or your Pipboy.

The .esp is flagged as an ESL, so no worries :)

I hope you enjoy this mod ! Feel free to endorse if you like what I've created.



  •  Before you proceed : ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR SAVES before installing a new mod!
  •  Install using Vortex, or your own preferred mod manager
  •  If you want to manually install it, just drop the .esp in the Fallout 4 Data folder
  •         The Data folder is found here :---\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data


  •  Uninstall using Vortex the same way as you uninstall other mods
  •  If you want to manually uninstall this mod, just delete the .esp in your Fallout 4 Data folder.

     ORIGINAL MOD                                        

        Lone wanderer fast travel by LoneRaptor. Please endorse their mod if you haven't done so already!


     TOOLS USED                                            

  •  7-Zip
  •  Photoshop CS6
  •  FO4Edit