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This mod changes the way Modern Firearms uses ammunition.

Permissions and credits
Modern Firearms Mags mod
Made By Tangent_24

Modern Firearms 2.6.9

This mod makes MOST Modern Firearms weapons use new " ammuntion " which fuctions like real life magazines. The magazines is able to be packed/crafted in them chembench and the weapons mag has been spilt up in their own catoegories. The weight of the magazines have been devised by multiplying the weight of one round of whatever the ammuntion type is by how many the magazine can hold. The cap value has been made the same way.

Update 1.6
Added support for the MCX, MG3, and the other new weapons.

Update 1.5
Added support for the new sniper rifles, R700, Osiris F-17 and the Desert Tech SRS.

Update 1.4 

Added support for the new weapons, added a portable crafting bench which is craftable in the chem bench and a dedicated workbench for settlements.

Weapons that was not touched
-20mm anti tank gun
-Benelli M4
-Dan Wesson Discretion
-Kimber Dessert Warrior
-FabArm Martial
-MF Minigun
-Benelli Super Nova
-Spas 12
-KwK 36 88mm Canon

To do:

The * means the possiblity of implementation of the feature

AID item to be able to craft/pack mags on the go

*craftable magazines/empty magazines

*Visual reload patch/impentation

*A new workbench just to for the ammuntion to make the chem bench not so cluttered with custom animations.

I would like to thank the Modern Firearms team for making their mod.

And I would like to thank Luna and other people in the MF server for promoting this mod.

Use of this mod: If you would like to edit/add this mod in anyway shape or form please contact me before doing so.

How to contact me:
Discord: Tangent24#9094
Nexus: tangent24
Email: [email protected]