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Yep, no doubt about it...absolutely cursed.

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Absolutely Cursed
Hermit Scorpion Ghoul Head
A Pro-Phobia Mod

...a Scorpion having hatched from inside a ghoul head...new enemy added in Feral Ghoul LvL'd List (LCharFeralGhoul).
Added via script for smooth compatibility.
...goodness knows why I made this...it's creepy as all get-out.
Has been averaging about 3/13 of creatures spawned from that LeveledActor.

Anywho...another goof-off mod, took about half a day, super straightforward...
Though I should note how to install, I guess...


Use favorite mod manager or manually install in your Data folder.
Travel through a settlement to finalize the installation of the creatures into the leveled actor list.
They should start popping up with other LCharFeralGhoul's soon after.


Big thanks to Ethreon, whom this couldn't have possibly been made without.


As always, be kind, helpful, and remember that someday you may need help and that it might be a good idea to keep bridges un-burnt.

Thank you. ;-)

Known Issue:
Yes, there is a bit of a hole in the underside of the head...I got bored before I was to fix it, hehe.