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In early stages of development. Simple replacer for Dogmeat. Fully animated and uses cat voice.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: For reasons that currently elude me, this mod breaks Dogmeat/Catmeat's dialogue, meaning you cannot recruit Catmeat nor dismiss her. In order to get around this you must have Dogmeat as your current companion before you enable the mod and disable the mod before dismissing Catmeat. It is possible that any quests reliant on Dogmeat may be similarly broken, but I have not yet tested this hypothesis.

There's a story behind this mod, but it's a short one and not very good. I was playing Fallout 4 on my PS4, but I wanted to travel with a cat. I couldn't do this, so I bought Fallout 4 for my somewhat underpowered computer just so I could make a mod with a cat companion.

This is that mod. This is that cat.

Animated and meows.

A lot of work still needs done here. At this point this is just a replacer mod for Dogmeat copying the resources from Ashes of Vault 81, while keeping Dogmeat's unique scripts. Catmeat will eventually be retextured and available as a separate companion to Dogmeat as well as most likely rescripted.

Catmeat is set to "Unagressive" and "Cowardly," so I wouldn't count on her in a fight. However, she won't pick fights you don't wanna pick.

I'm not sure how practical this mod actually is, it's mostly for people who just like cats.

You might wonder why my username is the title of this mod. It's because "Catmeat" is already taken and I couldn't think of anything better :D