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Places thousands of additional hostile NPCs to the gameworld, resulting in much more chaotic and dangerous battles in just about every location in the game.

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Aug 2017 Update

I've long since stopped fulfilling customization requests for this. Just thought I'd warn people so they aren't disappointed.

What this mod does

Places thousands of additional NPCs in the gameworld, resulting in much more chaotic and dangerous battles in just about every location in the game. I have considered enemy unit composition when adding mobs, so enemies with Grenades, Missile Launchers and Fat Men are not cloned. Humans are cloned more than large dangerous monsters and wild dogs are cloned most of all.

To see exactly how many new spawns are added for each version of the mod, look here.

Why it's doing it

Like many players, I want to increase the overall challenge of the game. However, I am unwilling to do this through nerfing weapons, fundamentally changing combat or stats formulae, or by letting monster life grow to absurd levels. No, I have elected to increase the global threat level purely through quantity.

How it does it

For those familiar with other "More Spawns" mods, it may be surprising that this was done without F4SE or the CK. Since those weren't available there was simply no choice but to hand place everything. Note that all this mod is adding are instances of already existing mob spawns. That means it should be
compatible with any mod that changes the stats/gear/etc of enemies.

Pros of this approach:

- Might be more stable, since it's implemented 100% using records in an esp and does not rely on runtime scripts.
- Consequently, it has no dependency on F4SE (as if this matters when everyone uses it anyways)
- Should be compatible with consoles

- Not end-user configurable. If you don't like my handplaced spawns you can't easily tweak them to your liking.
- Things will be missed. I only added new spawns where I was able to find them in the game records (which is quite a tedious process), and I didn't find everything.

I now use a new script to generate this mod using a bunch of configurable parameters so the Cons don't really apply anymore.

If you like it

Don't forget to Endorse!

(You can Endorse if you don't like it too. There's no rule against it, I checked.)

Reporting Bugs

Please leave a comment stating exactly where you found an NPC that wasn't doing it's level best to kill you. Which zone, and which area of the zone if you remember.

How to use it

Just use NMM. It has no dependencies. To uninstall, just remove the file and you're good to go.

It may conflict with Fogout, or anything that edits cell data. More testing is needed there.


I usually try to go stealthy at first, but it's never long before I'm forced to improvise. These videos are using an endgame character with GG gear. I'll add more videos later of what a more typical character's experience is like.

Survival Tips

  1. Raiders, Super Mutants, Gunners and Feral Ghouls have been increased by 3x on average.
  2. Investment into stealth is advised.
  3. I can tell from the feedback I'm getting that a lot of you don't know what a Silencer is.
  4. Automatic weapons with explosive bullets are the best form of crowd control in the game (don't forget the reliable Señor Spray and Pray).
  5. Think outside the box when attacking fortified locations. Silenced weapons, mines, a fully upgraded companion, defenses against specific mob types and the overpowered Lone Wanderer perks are pretty much all mandatory now.
  6. Mirelurks, and floating jackassy bugs have been ignored.
  7. Mirelurk Queens now have a proper retinue.
  8. In the old world, it was actually common practice when deploying Sentry Bots, to also deploy a backup unit.
  9. Deathclaws travel in packs.
  10. There is safety in numbers. Even the Super Mutant Behemoths know this.
  11. Did you know that bears are naturally very social creatures?
  12. When all else fails: Fat Man.
  13. Remember that story missions are not exempt from the increased spawns.
  14. If you do not ever have to turn down the difficulty or seriously think about your tactics, I have failed as a mod designer.
  15. It goes without saying that if your PC isn't up to scratch, this mod can lag you a bit.
  16. If you see a pack of wild dogs, it's probably better to run.

You might also like

My other mod Adjusted Encounter Zones greatly increases the minimum mob level almost everywhere in the game (without removing level caps entirely), and was intended to be a companion to this one (but both function fine independently. Combine them when your hubris has grown too great, and you feel a need to be humbled.

Known Issues

  • Framerate issues/slow down
  • Yes, this mod can definitely affect performance. CPU bottlenecking is very likely.
  • Enemies have their arms out and aren't moving
  • This happens when the mod is first installed in an area that is affected by it. Leave the area and return. You may need to wait and respawn the area, or just ignore the enemies in the first area after the mod is installed. Enemies which spawn in new areas shouldn't have this problem.
  • Unable to sprint
  • If this happens, add this to fallout.ini:[Gameplay]fPlayerDisableSprintingLoadingCellDistance=0
Known Incompatibilities

  • FogOut / Darker Nights

Update on loading screen crashes

As of version 2.2.1, loading screen CTDs shouldn't happen anymore. At least, if you exit the game, you should be able to load your save 100% of the time. This has been very reliable for me. On the other hand, if you load repeatedly while in game without exiting, you will probably crash.

If you get a save that won't load, even after restarting the game, this is caused by mod incompatibility. Look for mods which edit interior or world cells, such as Fogout/Darker Nights. If you get unloadable save games in a 2.2.1 version of the mod, please send me your mod list.

To avoid having to reload the game frequently, I personally use "setessential 7 1" to make the main character unkillable. This isn't perfect, by I get load CTDs even on a clean save without my mod installed, it seems that a lot of different mods can trigger that problem.

The workarounds make it more than worthwhile for me personally, but I understand completely if losing saving convenience just ruins it for people. If you want to uninstall this mod, you can do so at any time. Go into an interior, save, uninstall the mod, then wait for your cell reset duration and you're  golden. Walk outside and save as freely as you please. Generating NPC records does have it's advantages.

2.2.1 Update

No longer changes any pre-existing NPCs. I thought I'd just bump up any that were "Easy" to "Medium" to make the game a little more challenging, but this seems to have been causing the load CTDs. That'll teach me for trying to be clever.

2.2.0 Update

This update adds the ability to do NPC replacements on a type-by-type basis. The original replacements feature did a very naive "replace everything with type x" replacement. Using this, the new version of the Zombie Apocalypse variant now replaces all Raiders, Gunners, Super Mutants and their dogs with Feral Ghouls. I haven't played through it very thoroughly yet, but this is done in such a way that it shouldn't break any quests. Going to Corvega and finding in completely overrun with Feral Ghouls is actually pretty cool.

You can now request variants which use this feature, see the instruction article (here) for how to send in variant requests.

This update also fixes an issue where the mod was not correctly identifying lag cells and exteriors. Now that this is fixed, I have applied reductions to all exteriors, and a further reduction to the Financial District (would love to include Lexington/Corvega in the list of lag cells, but I don't know which cell that area is in). This means you can still have some increased spawns in the Financial District without it completely tanking your framerate.

Please keep in mind that if your computer can't handle the increased spawns with room to spare, any other stability issues will be exacerbated.

2.1.0 Update

  • Fixed CTD's that started after the December 8th 2015 patch. It can still crash on load
  • sometimes but it's much less frequent now.
  • Improved performance, persistent NPCs are no longer cloned
  • Less jankiness. PackIn and COPY cells are no longer affected. This means
  • some random event spawns won't be affected anymore, but should also mean enemies should stop popping up in Diamond City and other places where they shouldn't

2.0.0 Update (includes Downtown FPS fix!)

I have completely rebuilt this mod after v1 using a new tool. This has
allowed me to do some cool new things, without spending freaking years
goofing around with the UI in F4Edit.

  1. Every NPC in the game was processed. Unlike v1, there won't be anything that I "didn't notice."
  2. 99% of the new spawns in downtown have been removed. This is unfortunate
  3. but necessary, as the game engine and our mortal CPUs simply cannot
    handle a Boston Financial District with hundreds of NPCs in it.
  4. Interiors now all have fewer enemies in them than exteriors. You will still die
  5. though. I will tweak this reduction a bit in future releases based on