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This mod provides the ability to automatically collect items into a dedicated inventory or link a dedicated inventory to a workshop.

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LootMan 2.0.0 Released!!
Version 2.0.0 of LootMan has gained significant performance improvements in exchange for backward compatibility. While more accurate quest item and vendor chest identification and reduced CTD risk are among the improvements, the biggest improvement is probably the speed of looting. See the video below to see how much it has improved.

  • Worker Invoke Interval = 0.1
  • Max Worker Threads = 8

[ What is LootMan? ]
LootMan is a mod that will loot the surrounding items on behalf of the player. LootMan can loot weapons, apparel, chemical/food, junk/etc, ammo, flora, books, and keys. It can also be looted from inventories such as corpses and containers. Items to be looted can be filtered by category, such as "weapons loot allowed, but not chemicals", and by target, such as "loot from corpses allowed, but not placed objects". I believe that elements added by DLC or mods can also be looted.

[ How to install ]
LootMan is packaged in FOMOD format, so if you are using a mod manager that supports FOMOD, the installer should launch. This section mainly describes the optional items of the installer.

-= About dependencies =-
Starting with version 2.0.0, MCM installation is now mandatory; remember to enable MCM along with LootMan.

# Select your language.
Select the language you are using. The default is English. You can optionally select Japanese. If you are using a different language, you can use the English version or use "xTranslator" to translate the English version of the esp.

# Select your game version.
Select the version of Fallout4 you are playing. Currently, only "1.10.163" is supported.

# Do you want to install the debug version to output the debug log?
If there is no particular reason, select No. If you select Yes, the debug version of the binary will be installed. Select Yes if you want to check if LootMan is working properly, because the debug version will output detailed logs.

** NOTE **
Do not use the debug version regularly. The log output is huge and will overwhelm your storage if you play for a long time. Also, the log output may cause a CTD to occur. We recommend that you set the LootMan settings (thread interval, number of threads, etc.) to the low load when checking operation.

# Do you want to install the papyrus source code?
If there is no particular reason, select No. If you select Yes, the source code for LootMan's Papyrus script will be installed. This source code is not required for LootMan to work, so if you have a reason, such as "I want to investigate the cause of a bug in LootMan," select Yes.

[ How to Use ]
After LootMan has been installed on Fallout 4, start the game and LootMan's in-game installation will run when you get Pipboy or are ready to receive Classical Radio. You will be notified when this process is complete, and from then on you will be able to use all of Looman's features. This section describes the features of LootMan.

# LootMan's Container
LootMan has its container that resides in a different space. This container can be accessed through the MCM key binding or through the LootMan Trunk, which can be built from the workshop menu.

** INFO **
The LootMan Trunk can be built from the workshop menu "Furniture > Containers > LootMan Trunk"; Unlike regular containers, it has no inventory and calls the LootMan's container upon activation.

# Auto Looting
The LootMan automatically loots items within a certain range from the player. Looted items are stored in the LootMan's container, not in the player's inventory.

** NOTE **
LootMan may loot items needed to progress in the quest. I have tried to program the LootMan so that he does not loot items, but we cannot cover everything, and sometimes the LootMan's looting of quest items will break the flag, so please disable the LootMan temporarily if this happens.

# Workshop Link
It is possible to link LootMan's inventory to a nearby workshop so that you can build and craft with the junk stored in LootMan's inventory.

[ Configuration ]
LootMan settings can be changed using MCM. This section describes the available settings.

==== General Settings ================================
# Enable LootMan
Specify whether to enable or disable LootMan.

# Display System Message
Specify whether to display LootMan system messages.

# Play Pickup Sound
Specify whether to play the pickup sound effect when looting an item.

# Play Container Animation
Specify whether to play the container open / close animation when the looted container. Even if this option is enabled, containers outside the player's field of view will not play the animation.

# Looting Range
Specify the range in which LootMan searches for items to looting. (Unit: meters)

# Carry Weight
Specify the maximum weight that LootMan can carry an item.

# Ignore Overweight
Specify whether LootMan ignores the value of the Carry Weight option. When this option is enabled, LootMan can carry items beyond the "Carry Weight". If disabled, looting will be temporarily disabled while overweight.

# Loot Is Deliver To Player
Specify whether to transfer the looted items to the player's inventory.

# Not Looting From Settlement
Specify whether to loot items in the settlements. If this option is enabled, objects present in the settlement are not subject to looting, and the looting itself is temporarily disabled if players are in the settlement.

# Automatically Link / Unlink To Workshop
Specify whether LootMan containers are automatically linked and unlinked with nearby workshops.

# Unlock Locked Container
Enable the ability to consume Bobby pin to unlock locked containers and loot the items inside. The difficulty level that can be unlocked is linked to Locksmith's rank. If you have Locksmith Rank 2, you will be able to unlock all containers up to Expert. The number of Bobby pins consumed increases by one for each difficulty level of the lock, so Master requires four Bobby pins. However, by learning Locksmith Rank 4, you will be able to unlock containers without spending Bobby pins.

==== Looting Worker ================================
# Worker Invoke Interval
Specify the interval between calls for workers to loot. If set to 0, looting at regular intervals is disabled and looting can only be performed with a hotkey. (Unit: seconds)

# Max Worker Threads
Specify the maximum number of worker threads for looting items. A single thread can process up to six objects at a time. If more than six objects are found in range, workers will be launched simultaneously up to the maximum number set by this option at the next worker invocation.

# Object Filter
Specify the type of object to allow LootMan to loot.

# Inventory Filter
Specify the type of items allowed to be looted from the container or corpse.

# Advanced Filter
Specify detailed filtering conditions for each item type.

[ Source Code ]
# Github
The source code of the F4SE plugin (DLL), the source code of Papyrus, and the translation file (xTranslator XML) are available.
[ Go to GitHub ]

[ Contacts ]
# Issues - GitHub
  Only bug reports are accepted under Issues.
# eidee.net - Discord server
  Questions, suggestions, comments, etc. can be directed here.

[ Credits ]
==== Contributors ================================
  • Al12rs

I express my great appreciation to the contributors who improved LootMan on my behalf.

==== Dependencies ================================

==== Reference Code ================================

It wouldn't have been possible to publish LootMan version 2.0.0 without CommonLib publishing the RE code. I would like to take this opportunity to express my special gratitude.