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This mod provides the ability to automatically collect items into a dedicated inventory or link a dedicated inventory to a workshop.

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I've been playing Fallout 4 for a long time. I created this Mod because I am starting to feel tired of collecting items.

In this mod it handles the collection of weapons, apparels, chemistry/food, junk/etc, ammo, flora, books and keys. It can also be collected from dead bodies and containers. The items to be collected can be filtered like only Weapons, only Junk. I think it supports elements added by DLC and Mod.


- Auto Looting
After Mod is introduced, after opening the door of Valut111 or if classic radio can be received, Lootman will be initialized and auto looting will be enabled. Collected items do not enter the player's inventory, but are stored in a dedicated inventory and are accessible at any time. To access the dedicated inventory, set a hotkey from the config (see below) or create a dedicated item at the chemistry station.

I have been very careful, but be aware that this mod may get the items you need to complete the quest.

- Chemical items
Lootman adds a chemical item to be used by registering it in favorites. These items can be created from the utility category of chemistry station.

- Workshop Link
Since 1.2.0, you can link Lootman inventory to workshops (other than Home Plate).
To activate the link, you can set a hotkey from MCM, or you can create a special item in the chemistry station.

- Utility Holotape
This is a holotape with the same options as MCM, and you can configure Mod settings from Pipboy or Terminal.

If you are using MCM, you can set filters etc. from MOD CONFIG.

Source Code:
- Papyrus
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