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Adds rust and remove bright colours from the world. Latest update includes industrial metal structures and pipes, skyscrapers, cars, shipping containers and much more.

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There's one thing I really liked in Fallout 3's world design, it was all the industrial buildings pieces and textures. They were rusted to hell and had a very post apocalyptic feel to them, unlike the bright whites, reds and blues of Fallout 4.

I am no expert in working with Textures, but I feel like what I've done with the vanilla textures is ok. Worst Best case scenario, this mod may inspire someone who actually knows what they are doing to create a better industrial set.

The mod comes with two options:

  1. The main file is the version with the washed out colours.
  2. The optional file is the version with the rust only.

Modified Textures (v1.0):

  • Blue, metal rooms, that are often used near concrete buildings,
  • Metallic beams/frames (red, white and rusted textures),
  • The default version of the industrial catwalk,
  • The exterior pipes (default, red, blue and rusted textures),
  • The silos (default, red, blue, rusted and striped textures),
  • Shipping crates colours.

Future Updates:

  • Skyscrapers (see preview screenshots in the images tab) - done v2.0
  • Improved (more rusty) shipping containers - done v2.0
  • Cars, Trucks (and their trailers), Forklift and cranes - done v2.0
  • Highways' green structures - done v2.0
  • Green metal warehouses - done v2.0
  • A few other colourful items - done v2.0
  • Maybe: Satellite arrays - done v2.0
  • Maybe: Billboard signs

On a side note, I haven't changed the LOD files for two reasons:

  1. I like the idea that, when the Sole Survivor look in the distance, they see a shadow of the world that was. For a moment they forget the war and are filled with nostalgia...only to be taken back to the wasteland as they come closer to their destination.
  2. Frankly I wasn't sure it wouldn't mess things up and cause incompatibility issues or something. And I really like point number 1.