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A vending machine that scraps old ammo into base game junk components and  makes new ammo from junk. Scripted for conflict free ammo crafting of the hot combat lead you need !

Permissions and credits
[ A vending machine that scraps old ammo and makes new ammo. ]

Operating Instructions

(1) Lease one per owned settlement (order from SKK Vending Corp. in the workshop crafting menu).

(2) Give it ammo (supported ammo list below) which is broken down into standard crafting scrap components. 

(3) Use the embedded terminal to make new ammo (using standard junk items and crafting scrap components).

(4) The terminal can switch AOM from using local storage to workshop storage, or Quantum Global / Global Stash (if installed). This setting is global and affects all machines as they refresh to ensure no inventory is orphaned.

The machine will only ever scrap ammo you put directly into it, then moves the scrap components to the configured storage and then uses any scrap and then junk it finds there to make new ammo.

(5) There are two hidden maintenance technician console commands;

set SKK_AOMUsePlayerPerks to 0 ;; bypass player perk checks
set SKK_AOMAmmoMult to 1       ;; multiply produced ammo by N 

Ammo conversions

Ammo put into the machine is scrapped in blocks of 10 or 20 to produce standard base game scrap components which are used to make boxes of 50 new ammo. Odd ammo counts will be left in storage, note that Fusion Cores and Missiles are scrapped and made individually. 

The scrap-to-make conversion has a 50% loss rate for wastage and SKK Vending Corp. transaction fees. Example: if you put 200x 10mm ammo in, you can only make 100x 10mm ammo or 50x 308 ammo (it's larger) with the component yield. This is still more competitive than vendors buy/sell price spread if your looking for good deals.

DO NOT TRY AND STORE AMMO IN THIS DEVICE as it will be converted to scrap and you will only get half the quantity back that you put in.

[ Turn your steaming Brahmin crap into that hot combat lead you need ! ]

Ammo Name      Perk Needed   BoxSize  Scrap A     Scrap B     Scrap C
.38 round      GunNut01      50        5 Copper,   5 Lead,    5 Fertilizer
10mm round     GunNut01      50        5 Copper,   5 Lead,    5 Fertilizer
.44 round      GunNut01      50        5 Copper,   5 Lead,    5 Fertilizer
.45 round      GunNut01      50        5 Copper,   5 Lead,    5 Fertilizer
5mm round      GunNut01      50        5 Copper,   5 Lead,    5 Fertilizer
.308 round     GunNut01      50       10 Copper,  10 Lead,   10 Fertilizer
5.56 round     GunNut01      50       10 Copper,  10 Lead,   10 Fertilizer
7.62 round     GunNut01      50       10 Copper,  10 Lead,   10 Fertilizer (DLC04)
.45-70 round   GunNut01      50       10 Copper,  10 Lead,   10 Fertilizer (DLC03)
.50 round      GunNut01      50       20 Copper,  20 Lead,   20 Fertilizer
Shotgun shell  GunNut01      50        5 Plastic,  5 Lead,    5 Fertilizer
Flare          GunNut01      50        5 Plastic,  5 Lead,    5 Fertilizer
Fusion Cell    Science01     50        5 Ceramic,  5 Copper,  5 Crystal
Cryo Cell      Science01     50        5 Ceramic,  5 Copper,  5 Crystal
Fusion Core    Science01      1       20 Ceramic, 20 Copper, 20 Crystal
Gamma Cell     Nuclear01     50        5 Ceramic,  5 Lead,    5 Nuclear
Plasma Cart.   Nuclear01     50        5 Ceramic,  5 Lead,    5 Nuclear
Alien Blaster  Nuclear01     50       10 Ceramic, 10 Lead,   10 Nuclear
2mm EC         Demolition01  50        5 Steel,    5 Oil,     5 Fertilizer
Flamer Fuel    Demolition01  50        5 Steel,    5 Oil,     5 Fertilizer
Missile        Demolition01   1       10 Steel,   10 Oil,    10 Fertilizer

Known Issues

(1) You can cheese the Commonwealth economy using standard junk items for components to make higher value ammo. SKK Vending Corp. does not have an issue with this UNREGULATED CAPITALISM as you are creating value and we clip per transaction.

(2) The vending machine textures are low definition and a bit shitty because the SKK Vending Corp. art and design department was staffed by talentless synths. If you want to improve them please do, individual and composite NIF/DDS are included. 

(3) No other base game or DLC ammo types will be included as the time it takes to calculate the ammo available from components to display is right on the limit of terminal screen refresh timeout. Any and all base, DLC and mod ammo could be included if the terminal did not display the available count, but that UX was core to the product spec signed off by the executive sponsor who uses an instigating .44 during performance reviews.


The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any base game assets, objects or scripts. It is 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts. As such it has no load order preference and will not conflict, excepting the known issues.

This is an elaboration on the Craft weapons and Scrap ammo mod using Chemlab crafting recipes and keywords, which can conflict with other recipe and keyword based crafting mods to trigger mod conflict rage. This is totally scripted to be conflict and rage free so calm down and put the .44 away.

As this mod was published after November 2019 it depends on Fallout4.exe (or later).

Nexus PC manual installation & disable

Copy SKKAmmoOMatic.esp,  SKKAmmoOMatic – Main.BA2 and SKKAmmoOMatic - Textures.BA2  to your...\Fallout 4\Data directory and add to Plugins.txt, or enable in the Bethesda mod menu, use a mod manger or however you organise. 

As this mod does not introduce any new inventory items to the game, if you destroy all vending machines it should be safe to disable the mod. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game.

Nexus FAQ

(1) Why is there no ESL version ? Because life already contains sufficient hassle. 

(2) With thanks to @deadbeeftffn for guidance on NiNode nonsense to make composite NIF attachments.

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