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Allows you to Sprint for more than 5 seconds at a time and a little faster

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First and foremost, go check out my other mod, Adrenaline Redone, it provides a more immersive and realistic approach to the Adrenaline system in Fallout 4. Now on to this mod... Sprinting in Fallout 4 is a joke for 2 reasons:

  1. You hardly go any faster than "running" or as I always thought of it, jogging
  2. You can only sprint for a maximum of 24.24 seconds with 10 in both Agility and endurance or 5.83 seconds with a 1 in agility and endurance

It's annoying to hold down the sprint button only to see your character run out of juice after just 10 seconds of brisk jogging! This mod aims to address these issues in a balanced and more realistic way.

Here's a little background info:

  • MaxAp = 60 + (10 x Agility)
  • Drain rate while sprinting: ActionPointsPerSecond = (1.05 - 0.05 x Endurance) x 12

The Problem:

  1. The multiplier on the Sprint AP Drain Rate is too high, causing the character to run out of AP too quickly while sprinting.
  2. You run slow af!

The Solution:

By lowering the Sprint AP Drain multiplier we end up with a lower AP drain rate while sprinting; making it possible to sprint for longer periods of time. I lowered the multiplier from 12 to 7.

I've also made changes to the sprint speed of the player as well as other humanoid NPCs and certain creatures. But for the player and NPCs I made the sprint speed 35% faster.

Why 7 and 35?

I figured the real-life equivalent to a character with 1 point of Endurance and Agility would be a pretty significantly fat person. And I don't see someone that fat going top speed for more than 5 seconds. and on the other end of the scale, a fast athlete can run a 400 meter sprint in just under 60-65 seconds. Anyone who can sprint 400 meters at top speed clearly has a high endurance.

But since I can only choose one multiplier for both ends of the spectrum, I chose 7. 7 gives a minimum sprint time of 10 seconds and a maximum sprint time of 41.56 seconds starting from max AP with no debuffs. Up from 5.83 and 24.24 seconds, respectively.

Note: The above chart shows Sprint duration in seconds for matching Agility and Endurance points 1-10.

And I chose to increase sprint speed by 35% so that you'll be fast but not Usain Bolt. More like your average person at top speed, give or take, but it felt right after play testing.

How will this Affect Gameplay?

-With a 1 in both Endurance and Agility, you'll sprint for 10 seconds instead of 5.83.
-With a 10 in Endurance and Agility, you'll sprint for 41.56 seconds instead of 24.24.
-You won't feel like you're running in slow motion
-You won't get annoyed from constantly running out of AP after a few seconds of sprinting
-You won't have to decide between sprinting or using VATS quite as often. You'll have enough AP for both

Check out my other mod:

Adrenaline Redone - provides a more immersive and realistic approach to the Adrenaline system in Fallout 4.