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Add a polyester/cotton blend fabric liner to your pre-war helmet that had them recalled due to the liner's adverse effects on the wearer's respiration.

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Now you too can enjoy the exclusivity of the polyester/cotton blend fabric liner that had helmets recalled before the great war due to build-ups of dangerous levels of mold.

For those out of the loop.

Adds a Misc. mod to the T-51 Power Armor helmet called "Polyester/Cotton Liner". Yes, it does constant radiation damage. No, I don't regret making this stupid mod.

Download and install the Nuka-Cola Power Armor patch to add the mod to the Legendary Nuka-Cola Power Armor Helmet by default. Requires Nuka-World DLC.

Conflicts with mods that modify naming rules for power armor like PAMAP. Load before if you want to have both, this will sadly mean the "Moldy" adjective won't appear on the helmet when the mod is added.

I barely tested this mod, it's very silly, use at your own risk.

Update: Official endorsement! (I don't care how gauche this is I'm so proud I showed my mum)

Kill It Before It Memes! A video by Gopher

Coming Soon
Someone suggested a re-texture of some kind which makes sense, so I'll have a go at it for fun. No promises though as the only modding work I've done is with FOEdit.

Also gonna add some stat debuffs and a Hardcore Mode respiratory infection if I can get it to work.

Install with your chosen mod manager or download manually and move the .esp file(s) into your Fallout 4\Data folder.


Created by me, Herby

This mod wouldn't be possible without the brilliant tool FO4Edit made by ElminsterAU and the xEdit Team, who I give special thanks to.