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  1. shaikujin
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    21 May 2016
    Version 5.1 released.

    Added new attacks and timed Radiant quests from the new Far Harbor DLC.

    1) Due to time constraints, v5.1 contains only a single plugin. No FOMOD menu for now.

    2) Contains alerts for both Settlement attacks and timed Radiant quests, from the vanilla game and all 3 DLCs.

    3) But no spoilers (some of the newly added attacks in the previous DLC rendered the specified type of attackers inaccurate, I'll try to figure out something for the next update)

    4) Because this version supports messages from all 3 DLCs, it also requires that players have all 3 DLCs. If you do not have all 3, please continue using V5.0 for now (it won't have the Far Harbor alerts).

    5) Same version is released on
    PC version -

    Xbox version -

    There will likely be no updates over the next 2 weeks.

    24 Apr 2016
    Added new attacks from the new Wasteland Workshop DLC.

    I've added all the 5 new messages (raiders/gunners/mirelurks/super mutants/ghouls) in the new DLC.

    If you use the version with spoilers, the alerts will read as "<settlement name> under attack by lured <monster type>!"

    The thing is, there are some new attacks that again, do not have their own corresponding messages. Bethesda seems to be using old message types from the vanilla game for a couple of the attacks:

    New Dog/Molerat attacks are using the vanilla Spectacle Island Mirelurk alert.
    New Deathclaw/Radscorpion/YaoGuai/Insect attacks are using the vanilla Raider01 alert.

    So be aware that the monster types for the old "attack by Mirelurks!" and "attack by Raiders!" alerts could also be triggered by other monsters.

    (The alerts for "attack by *lured* Mirelurks!" and "attack by *lured* Raiders!" should be accurate though).

    13 Apr 2016
    Working on update for DLC02.

    25 Mar 2016
    Apologies for the slower responses, real life is keeping me busy and I haven't much spare time recently.

    Version 4 has been released. contains optional files to support the new settlement attacks introduced in the Automatron DLC.

    Let me know if you experience any issues.
  2. jseph1234
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    I LOVE THIS MOD!! It has saved my settlements more than a few times because I saw the warning on my screen :-D

    Thank you shaikujin
  3. flofi55
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    not working
    1. slygeezer
      • member
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      Works fine for me. If you want help solving your problem you'll need to provide a more detailed description.
    2. jaderiver
      • member
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      Gotta love people coming in and in 2 simple words telling all it not longer works
    3. sk8champ0
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      same, its not working. In fact i dont remember seeing any popups or messages related to attacks. I have 3 days real time into the game, built 3 big settlement cities and i havent seen one notification even before traveling to a settlement to be attacked by raiders/mutants more than once. Besides its probably obvious why its not working, updated almost 3 years ago.
    4. slygeezer
      • member
      • 2,716 posts
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      Actually, two things are obvious.
      First you didn't bother to read the mod's Description tab. Had you done so you'd know this mod simply reformats the vanilla message so it can't be missed; it does not modify any aspect of the vanilla game's notification process.
      Second, you are not aware that when you are within the loaded uGrids (5x5 in vanilla) area, the game does not notify you of an attack. This is why the game did not notify you of an attack as you approached your settlement.
  4. jrosenbalm
    • supporter
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    This mod is great I have had NO problems in over 3000 hours of play, The mod creator needs a job making video games. This is the most useful mod I have seen in my 65 years of playing video games,
    1. Zunali
      • supporter
      • 21 posts
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      The first video game was invented 61 years ago and unless you worked at Brookhaven National labs in the late 50's you didn't see an actual video game until probably the late 60's to early 70's. Thus, no way on 65 years lol.
    2. septemvii
      • supporter
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      He probably just means he's been playing video games for most of his 65 years of life. I don't understand why you are calling him out.
  5. Del80yuk
    • member
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    Been using the mod for about a week now.

    Pop up box has happened every-time and no crashes.

    This mod is second to last place in my load order, Scrap Everything being the very last.

    Mode played Survival.

    Great little mod, that is really handy to have.
  6. amber1019
    • member
    • 822 posts
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    While working on a small mod I'm creating, I installed this to compare them and look for conflicts. I used this mod years ago and knew it probably edited some of the same messages that I'm editing.
    I find it interesting that people blame this mod for any bugs or crashes, since what you've done is change the messages from having a display time to being in a "Message Box". One edit to a few messages. It seems if anyone is having issues with this mod, I believe it would be due to conflicts from other mods and/or they're wrongly blaming this mod.
    Ah, well, you produced a fantastic mod, Shaikujin. Kudos. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  7. felicjaz
    • supporter
    • 3 posts
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    The requirements tab on the main description page still says "This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game." But this is not accurate for version 5.1 - it would be helpful if this requirements description could be updated to note this but stating which version to use for those who do not have all DLC. It is a little frustrating to have your game crash after installing and have to go looking for the info (which you can eventually find on the posts and bugs pages) when it could just be updated on the main page to avoid frustration - this would be *really* helpful.
    I am about to download the 5.0 version as per your sticky note. I have no doubt that it will work as excellently as I found on my previously modded game, as I found it to be a great mod and it made a significant difference to the gameplay, saving lots of hassle in game, thank you!
  8. daywalkerxx
    • member
    • 33 posts
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    No options while installing with NMM and mod doen´t work. I still get hyper fast pop up.
    1. sup2069
      • premium
      • 60 posts
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      Getting the same issue.
    2. jaderiver
      • member
      • 9,927 posts
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      Load order shift ?
  9. OnionOfShame
    • member
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    Is there a version that doesn''t require the DLC?
    1. jaderiver
      • member
      • 9,927 posts
      • 55 kudos
      Versions 3 4 and 5 iirc have a fomod installer in them where upon you can choose to not have the mod use for dlc and only choose what your game is , tho I'm not sure been a long time
  10. morocotongo
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    it does not autosave in survival when you slept at bed for save so you will lose a lot of progress when the messege triggers when you just slept and then the msg pops up. ive lost several hours of gameplay due this mod.
  11. Deylendor
    • member
    • 564 posts
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    So yeah..

    Still searching for something to make me notice that a settlement was attacked without breaking something in the process. Maybe a sound playing would do the trick. DCMS had this feature but this mod has polarizing opinions about its justification in ones load order.
    1. 1ae0bfb8
      • supporter
      • 1,806 posts
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      there is no polarisation about dcms - if you have it still in your load order it will absolutely wreck your game. which is why its not available any more.