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Allows you to transfer carry weight from your companions to your player.

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While traveling the Commonwealth, I started to get annoyed having to trade with multiple followers to store loot to sell later, but I didn't want to just cheat and raise my carry weight, so I made this mod.

This mod allows you to make use of your companion's carry weight, without actually having to trade with them. The mod takes away carry weight from your companions, and adds it to your player, so you can keep your loot in your inventory, rather than having to trade with your companions constantly.

There's also a distance threshold that you can set, so if a companion gets too far away, you lose the transfer bonus. Note that the distance setting is a global setting, so all companions will use it.

The mod will track when you get new companions or dismiss companions and disable or enable their transfer automatically. 

How to use
When you install the mod, as of version Version 1.4, 100 carry weight will automatically be transferred from all of your companions.

To customize the mod, you'll get an aid item called Companion Carry Weight Transfer.

- Set Individual amount, will allow you to choose a different amount from one of your companions than is set by the automatic amount
Choose the amount you want to transfer, and that amount of carry weight will be subtracted from your companion and added to your character.
Choose 0 to nullify the transfer all together. You can transfer from npc's that aren't your companions, but I wouldn't recommend it because if they get too far away, the transfer will be disabled.

- Setting Automatic Amount will transfer that amount from all companions

- Setting Distance sets how far away companions have to go away from you for the transfer to disable. Default is 7000, which should cover most settlements and buildings. Set it lower to make the mod harder.

Setting individual transfer amount will conflict with mods that use perk entry buttons on npc's, such as QuickTrade's quick inventory feature. You'll have to disable those perks for the individual transfer from this mod to work.

Otherwise this mod should be compatible with everything, as it uses unique spells to transfer carry weight.

Versions 1.3 and lower require:

F04 Text Input Menu

Version 1.4 does not require anything. Just the base game.


Extract to your data folder, check in your load order.

If updating to Version 1.4, Use the aid item to clear all transfers and make a new save. Install the update, then use the aid item and set an automatic amount. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR THE UPDATE TO WORK.

Clear transfers from your companions and un-check in your load order.

Neanka for the Text Input Menu