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Minutemen Themed Outpost settlement that sustains itself and provides artillery coverage via a plot near the water. Can fire artillery up to the Skylanes Wreckage in the Glowing Sea. High defense value with majority of jobs being Martial based but has a doctor at stage 2 and general goods near the entrance with lots of open space.

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This was my entry on the SimSettlements July City plan contest. Minutemen themed with Booze and Guns being the favored commodities of the Minutemen. Link to my post on the forums>>>>>>>>https://simsettlements.com/site/index.php?threads/somerville-artillery-outpost.10663/

The Minutemen are back....and ready to rain hell on the commonwealth...literally! This outpost starts off barren and then becomes a self sustaining outpost to protect the farthest south settlement in the commonwealth. With firing range able to reach the glowing seas Skylanes Wreckage this compact yet open outpost can facilitate the Minutemens offense while also being very defendable.

Supports 11 settlers
High Defense and produces ammo with Advanced Industrial Plot
5 Jobs with no plots (2 rows of corn for the children vanilla npcs to work on) 1 supply line 1 Doctor 1 General Goods Trader
Walled off and channeled entrance with open pathing all around the settlement
Will function the same without Designers Choice option enabled just no Artillery